Saturday, August 23, 2014

Review: Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisterizer

Don't apply that much lotion on just your hand. :P
WHAT is it? Self-tanner
WHERE did I purchase it? Walmart
WHEN? Beginning of this summer
WHY I purchased this? So I'd actually be tan for once
Cost: $8.64

Why not post a review of self-tanner at the end of summer? This is for all of you that'd like to continue having a tan into autumn. Or those who are leaving on a holiday to a warm location and would like a base tan. Lucky you for going on holiday to somewhere warm! I'm currently sat in a hotel room in New York City and it's freezing!! I just needed to get that complaint out.

As you could probably tell from photos on this blog, I am quite pale. The Irish side of me makes it next to impossible to tan. I go from the palest a person can be to fire engine red. And to boot, my skin then feels like it's on fire. Naturally once the redness fades, I'll have a very slight tan; however, I don't see burning and damaging my skin as the best option for obtaining a normal skin colour. Seriously, once I tan, my skin tone finally matches the palest shade available for foundations. I guess that's why all of my friends call me ghosty...

But this summer they couldn't because I've had Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer in my skin product arsenal! I can honestly say I've been quite pleased with the results. The natural build of a tan promised on the tube transpires. Initially I used fair to medium and after three days of use I was left with a noticeable natural looking tan. After I had a base tan, I applied the lotion once a week. With one application per week, the colour barely faded between applications. All that's necessary to attain and maintain a natural looking tan is applying the lotion once to twice a week.

Of course if you're looking for a darker tan, utilize the lotion more than once a week, but this will run into problems. If you'd like a darker tan, I recommend going to the next colour range of tanner. That is exactly what I did, though I have far from a medium skin tone, but the results still looked natural. Once I had a medium tan from the lighter lotion, I began using the medium to tan one.

For the most part this product does work well; however it isn't perfect. If too much is applied in a short period of time, streaks and splotchiness will occur. This lotion takes quite a while to dry. When I had used it once a day, three days in a row, I could still feel it on my surface of my skin hours later. That layering of the lotion led to inconsistencies of colour. I also found that shaving causes streaks. The first day I used it, I shaved twelve hours later thinking it wouldn't be a problem, but when I looked down at my razor I noticed some of the lotion came off on the shaving cream! My legs looked quite strange. I can assure you I didn't make that same mistake twice! Thankfully a little water and attempt at evening the lotion out will reduce streaks. Just keep in mind that it is a lotion, so to work to its full potential it needs to be completely absorbed.

The solution to these problems is to let the lotion absorb for 24 hours. No shaving, no creams, no scrubs, etc. Just let it be. Even after that, keep in mind that a product like this will rub off if too much pressure is applied on any given area. After a shower or bath, rather than rub your skin to dry, pat it. That will prevent the lotion from coming off. Again, if unevenness occurs, wet that area and massage the lotion back in. That will solve the problem.

For those of you who don't feel like reading this, here's a convenient little chart for you!

Have you tried this product? What is your favourite self-tanner?



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