Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Cardigan: Target
Top: Vans
Pants: Kohl's

Once again, I'd like to say I did something moderately interesting today, but I didn't. Such as the life of a human being that has to be productive during the work hours of the day. I must say that I felt pretty bad ass in this outfit, though. Today, I really needed that attitude to cover up how stressed I am. Thankfully having this little ol' blog has significantly helped. It's amazing how easily you become de-stressed and happy when you do something you love. Also, not going to lie, but because I've been pretty stressed for the past few days, I'm more apt to procrastinate at home. Blogging is a great way to do so. ;)

Another creative outlet that I've been using to procrastinate a bit is through drawing. As of yesterday, I've been making a few simple sketches that I wouldn't normally make... at all. One of my best guy friends is helping to run a local haunted house. Makeup artists are needed, so he immediately came to me to see if I could be of any assistance. I said "yes" to this unique opportunity right away because I a) love Halloween, b) love experimenting with makeup, and c) love being involved in the community. Out of excitement, I've already whipped together a few basic drawings of different looks I'd like to do. Below is a cracked porcelain doll look. I thought this was kind of a neat idea. It isn't too scary, so those who aren't fond of gory looks (like myself) won't feel too put off.

If you have any moderately creepy makeup look ideas (keeping in mind that this haunted house is open to an entire community, so all ages), please leave a comment below or email me at Thanks in advance!



  1. love those olive pants! and that's exciting you are doing make up for a haunted house! sounds like such a fun thing to do this time of year.

    xo, carli
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  2. Love your top :)

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  3. Aw we all have those days when we are extremely bored or feel lazy. You have to work extra hard to set goals and get yourself going when you feel like just lazing around -- at least you got some blogging done! I think since I returned from Asia (I was there for a month and a week so I had plenty of time where I just sat around and didn't do much), I've been making myself go out and do things every day. Since I have work, school, blogging, and a too-active social life, I find those quiet days are rare and precious. Yesterday when I stayed at home, I made myself stay productive by working out, doing homework, and finally cleaning my room!

    I love this outfit, the top and those shoes are amazing! Also love your rings! Thanks for following dear, I followed right back!

    xx Debbie

  4. Cool print :D


  5. Your booties are amazing :D
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  6. Amazing Top! Also love your drawing ,great Idea and Work!
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  7. I love that outfit! And I totally understand about working a day job and then coming home and procrastinating on house stuff. Blogging is just too fun! And reading other people's blogs is so interesting, I just get sucked in. I'd say since recently starting a blog that my house chores have piled up more than usual!

  8. Hello from Spain: great shoes., Very cool. Keep in touch.

  9. great outfit sweety!! :)

  10. shoes are just great!
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  11. Love your outfit!!!!
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    Kissess <3

  12. Love that boots and top!

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  13. Such a cute look - love it!!! :)

    Layla xx

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  15. Very cool style! Love your sandals, they are so beautiful :))