Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Grey Area

Two weeks ago I was in a ski accident. Some would say it was a bad one, others would say it wasn’t a big deal. I’m on the fence with this. Ski accidents can be quite scary. It’s not like being in a car accident or something of that nature where there’s separation between you and the object of impact. You don’t have a shell surrounding your entire body to absorb the force. You are what takes the brunt of it. All you can do is hope that your equipment does as it’s supposed to and lessen the severity of the calamity. 

I will tell you right now that my equipment worked to a tee. Which is great and all; however for it to have done what it did means the force on me was high. The thought of that freaks me out and freaked many others out whenever recounting this story. 

I was night skiing with a few of my racer pals. As usual, I was paying attention to my surroundings and being cautious, yet daring. The trail I was on was very wide, so I could ski down at a controllable fast rate with no issue. There were a decent amount of people out, but not too many that I’d have to slow down to avoid them or even quickly stop. Frankly, how I was skiing wasn’t a problem at all. 

This accident was definitely a combination of chance factors that led to a perfect storm. The trail had a temporary fence separating a third of it for the mountain’s ski team to practice, still leaving plenty of room for us free skiers. Being it was a Friday evening, the racers were out working on technique and getting a few runs in. Them practicing wasn’t an issue, but how the course was set up posed as one. About three quarters of the way down, their course merged onto the main trail. For the average skier, especially a racer, this is no biggie. You just have to stay in control and be aware of your surroundings. Well one racer clearly wasn’t. 

I was at the bottom of the trail. Literally ten feet from where the trail became flat and this racer runs me over (or something). Thanks to physics, I fell… hard. To the point where I cracked my helmet right up the side (better that than my head), am bruised on the left side of my body, and experienced what one might call amnesia. Hence why I said “or something.” This crash made for a proper yard sale. My skis and poles went flying every which way. 

As I woke up (though I was supposedly conscious the entire time)/have a memory of what happened, everything was surreal. It was almost as if it didn’t happen to me. Getting into a ski accident is one of those things where you’ll see the result of someone else’s, but never think you’ll be in that position. And when you are in that same position, a lot of shock is involved. 

 I was soooo completely out of it. From what I can remember I was laying on the ground and swearing a tad too much. Then I sat up and saw a large crowd surrounding me. One kid was wearing SpongeBob pants and apologizing profusely, so I’m assuming he was the racer. I don't blame him for what happened, though. Strange unavoidable things occur. Timing is everything. Sometimes you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As I was gaining my bearings after the crash, I could only recognize my friends, but not actually place names or even the fact they were friends, just that I knew them. Thankfully I didn’t have any broken limbs and was able to walk to the lodge just fine. During this short walk I panicked because I knew what mountain we were at, but could not orientate myself and figure out specifically where. The time between getting hit/run over/whatever to getting back to the condo is all one big grey area to me. 

What I took from this experience was a head injury and one hell of a story. Aside from a concussion and a few bumps and bruises, I’ve been ok. Simply extremely tired. Concussions really are not pleasant. It is recommended that individuals have physical and cognitive rest for 7-10 days. So basically to be a potato and stare into space. Which is understandable considering a concussion is the bruising of your brain. Regardless it is still boring as heck and very unfulfilling to be sleeping and doing more or less nothing for several days straight. 

As the doc ordered, I disregarded the non-responsibilities of life and took it easy. I put down my phone, closed my laptop, and rested. That is why I have been absent from the blogosphere. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I started to reintroduce technology back into my life. At the moment I’m feeling much more like my peppy and productive self! Get ready for some regular posting!! Gosh, it’s only been 16 days since my last post and I’ve really missed this. 

So hello, friends! How've you been? :) 



  1. Oh no!! I hope you're okay!
    Skiing is one of the most dangerous sports! Last year my dad fell, it wasn't a major fall but it still managed to dislocate and fracture his shoulder! Not good.
    Hope your recovery goes well and that it doesn't put you off skiing in the future!

  2. OM!
    I'm happy that you got out with a concussion and bruising, well that is still bad but, rather than broken bones or a worse head injury. I've seen enough off those after winter break. I also hope that you will keep skiing if you still enjoy it and hope that you won't get in an accident ever again of any kind. Feel better

  3. OM!
    I'm happy that you got out with a concussion and bruising, well that is still bad but, rather than broken bones or a worse head injury. I've seen enough off those after winter break. I also hope that you will keep skiing if you still enjoy it and hope that you won't get in an accident ever again of any kind. Feel better

  4. Hello from Spain: nice pictures. The snow skiing is always dangerous. I wish're fine. Keep in touch

  5. Wow the view looks amazing ...

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  6. Oh wow. Skiing accidents are really so scary. I'm glad you got out ok and I hope you get better soon!
    Laura x

  7. Oh God, feel so sorry reading about it. Great to hear you are better now!
    Ski accident are extremely dangerous, I'm always too panicky not to get into one, haha. Hope you'll keep skiing as it is lots of fun and you won't have such accidents never again!

  8. That sounds so scary but thankfully you're okay and doing better!

  9. follow you #285

  10. Oh my word! Sounds awful! You're so brave and happy you're safe! Abi :)

  11. Oh no! I've never been skiing in my entire life but this does sound extremely scary :( hope you are feeling better now

    Also wanted to let you know that I've nominated you to for the "Very Inspiring Blogger Award"! You can see my post here:

    Best Wishes
    Grace x

  12. oh my... that's scary... I haven't try Skiing before... its quite dangerous sport.. Hope you are ok.. xx

  13. Yikes! A skiing accident is really tough, considering how it just rams itself through what is otherwise a fine and life-building exercise. That bit of situation should be, at the very least, resolved, not just lived through. In any case, I hope that you are faring better. Take care!

    Jerry Brady @ Lambert And Williams