Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Letter To Myself & Life Update

These last few weeks have been hectic. To wrap-up my summer, I spent it "joyfully" packing for uni. Being someone who is notorious for overpacking/being extra prepared makes this part of the college experience quite the feat to manage. As quickly as that step came, it went, and now I'm at school. I'm live blogging this basically. Right now I'm taking a much needed break from organizing and decorating to do this. It's as though I finally have a chance to breathe after so many hours spent arranging and rearranging.

That weight may have lifted, but I'm still not completely relieved. This academic year, and future ones, will be spent at a new school, with new people, and a completely new dynamic. It may take me a while to get into my groove. Since I'm trying to embrace this change as best as I can, my posting and uploading will be less frequent and will be more sporadic. Blogging and YouTube are two of my favorite hobbies, as they have been the most impactful (I credit them to helping me choose a major!) and enjoyable, so I most definitely won't be giving it up. However I only think it's fair that I allow myself time to let my new surroundings sink in, adapt to a new school routine, be open to as many opportunities as possible, and to take advantage of all of the organizations and resources around me. The only way to do that is by taking time in my already limited schedule and rearranging it, so I'm unfortunately going to sacrifice some of what is allotted to the fun I'm accustomed to. I will find a way to balance it all! I always have! So definitely stick around! Expect a post at least once a week and a video every two weeks.

If you're curious as to what else has been going through my mind, check out my latest video! It's a letter I wrote to myself.

Have a lovely day and stay fabulous!! :)



  1. very inspiring post :)
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  3. Such a great post! Great to hear that you are happy and set on the major you chose! x


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  5. Hey, how are you? Just would like to let you know that I have nominated you to do the GS List Tag. My link is here if you would like to know more. Thank you.
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