Monday, December 21, 2015

PSA: Pay Attention

Today was the day I was going to wrap-up my Christmas shopping. After a few errands in the early afternoon, I began making my way towards the mall. From where I was to where I needed to be required me going on a bit of highway that makes me incredibly anxious because people tend to be careless idiots. Trust in others is something I lack here, and rightfully so because another car quickly came up behind and almost hit me! 

Finally I was off that stretch of road, nearing the mall. All but three turns from my destination, naturally the traffic light turned red. Letting my shoulders drop and a breath out, I thought to myself, "In a few minutes I'll be out of this madness." As I was sat right behind the line I absentmindedly watched other cars wiz by between checking for a green light. That was until my attention was brought to something completely foreign to me. Suddenly I was rocking forward and the resonance of connecting metal was rattling through my bones. Equally in that moment I became alert and confused. What the hell just happened?? That's when I realized the !@#$%^& behind me rear ended me.

Don't worry, myself and my car are fine. However I share this relatively insignificant event with you because it got me thinking. Why is it that people drive so recklessly around the holidays? As they're out and about shopping for their loved ones, surely they'd want to take care in avoiding incidences that would take them away from them.

This change in commute dynamics around Christmas time is something I've never understood. So many people seem to be in a rush to go absolutely no where and in turn end up neglecting their surroundings because they are too involved in themselves. No need to be in such a hurry to find no parking spots at the mall, sir. We are all trying to get to our destinations. Anyway, isn't it more important to get from point A to point B unscathed than to cut a few minutes off your time, text, or whatever it is that could potentially distract you from the task at hand? 

Parting message: It's not just your life on the line when driving, it's everyone else's around you, as well. So don't be a dick. Pay attention. Be aware. It's as simple as that. Eyes on task, mind on task.

Have you noticed that people become significantly worse drivers around the holidays?



  1. Wow...I'm so glad you're okay! People really do drive recklessly during the holidays. I'm sure they have a lot on their minds...but jeez. Paying attention on the road could save your life!

    xo Azu

  2. Hope you're okay Molly! And I agree very much with your post, I'm not sure why people tend to drive more recklessly during the holidays. There is a lot more traffic on the roads during this season, and as you say we should all take more care because of this! xx

  3. Glad you're ok! I hate drivers at this time, there's no need for all this rushing about! If everyone took things slowly we'd all be a lot happier! xx

  4. glad nothing happened! I agree, drivers are so reckless :/
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥