My mission is to provide an inexpensive, yet beneficial, place for you to advertise your blog. As a fellow blogger, I want to help and see you succeed, as well. 

Space is available at a first-come, first-served bases. Email me as soon as possible with the month(s) you're interested in advertising with me, as well as your blog button and link. In a confirmation email, I will respond with my blog button and link. Your button will be added to my blog the first of the month and kept on until the last day, as mine will be on yours. Failure to add my button on your blog will prompt me to remove your button from my sidebar. 

FREE advertising on Sincerely Molly includes: 

-your blog button in my sidebar for chosen month(s)
-2 promotional tweets
-Instagram promotional post upon request

To clarify, given that spaces are available for free, this is more of a blog button exchange. Check out this post for more details on FREE advertising. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

Thank you! Looking forward to working with you. 

Statistics (as of 03/06/2020) 

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