The Blogger Guide

“Molly, you’re a contributor,” my older brother pointed out to me.

For a bit of context, one evening my brother and I were having a discussion in our kitchen about how I’ve always been one to do and be active. He actually brought this up in regards to blogging. He knows plenty of individuals who are observers of the blogosphere and don’t actually participate in this world, contrasting myself. That’s when he labeled me as a contributor.

This comment is something that follows me. I’m a contributor. I’m someone who is so involved and immersed in the blogging community. And that got me thinking quite a bit.

The blogosphere is very much a community, despite it being made up of (lovely) strangers. We are still a community nonetheless. And what are some characteristics of a community? Togetherness, helpfulness, and willingness to contribute.

Knowing and understanding the importance of all of these factors took my train of thought down another track. How am I affecting this community?

I have been a blogger for over two years now. That means over two whole years of learning and contributing to this community! I can only hope that I've done so positively.

Given this time enveloped in all the blogosphere has to offer and knowing just a few key factors of a thriving community, it’s time I actively turn these words into actions to ensure that I do contribute in the most beneficial way possible.

Blogging and this community has done and given me so much; more than many of you may know, so I want and need to give back. I want to help and contribute in such a great way that we are all elevated to reach our individual and group goals. One way to do so is by spreading and sharing the knowledge I’ve accumulated to others. As I learn, I want you to learn and benefit, as well.

Together we can all succeed and be the best bloggers we can possibly be. 

So now you know the brief story behind the added page on my menu bar; however you still may be wondering what “The Blogger Guide” actually is. It’s exactly what it sounds like; it is a guide for bloggers. Biweekly, if not weekly, I’ll be posting a “chapter” to add to this growing unofficial eBook. These installments will range from the tech-y side, visual aspect, content portion of blogging, and more. They will be prompted by what I’ve learned through experience or at university, what I think you’ll find useful or interesting, and (hopefully) by requests from you. Need any blog-related help? Please email, or contact me on various social media platforms with your query or dilemma!

Who: I am a blogger making a guide about blogging for other bloggers.
What: A hella useful resource about EVERY aspect of blogging.
Where: Found on this blog… the one you are currently looking at…
When: As often as possible tbh
Why: Because I’m nice. Because I'm a contributor. I want to spread my knowledge, and have a handy cumulative resource to reference about one of my greatest passions.

Sappy reader appreciation moment: Thank you for all you do! You are so lovely, and I'm so happy to share such a beneficial and blossoming community with you. :)

Much love,


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  1. ohhh excited for this guide! Be sure to help a lot of us out there :D Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. So Nice ❤️

  3. Looking forward to reading the guide, what a great and uplifting post! Love VR x

  4. I've been an inconsistent blogger over the years, I end up reaching a point where I feel almost disheartened and lose sight of my direction and just stop. A post/ebook such as this, would be exactly what I need to keep going in the right direction I'm trying to get too :) cannot wait!

  5. What a good Idea, I´m excited :)
    I really like the text!

    Best regards Kim,

  6. I can't wait! I'm sure it's going to be amazing! xo

  7. Such a great post! =) What a good idea..

    Happy new year!

  8. I've been out of the blogosphere for a while but I give your posts a cheeky read. Happy New Year Mol! I can't wait.

    Chels |

  9. I love the idea, I need all the tips and advice I can get when it comes to blogging, i'm still rather new! I can't wait to read your first installment, Molly!!x


  10. Youre amazing babe love this idea !
    thank you for sharing boo check me out whenever you have time: happy new year !