Wednesday, May 27, 2015

YouTube ♥ 7 Things I Love

My first YouTube video is officially live! This is a very exciting, yet a nerve-wrecking notion. As this is uncharted territory, there's naturally some anxieties and hesitancies that come with it. Will people respond well to my content? Is my video as good as it's going to get? Why am I acting so stiff on camera? Will people find my voice as obnoxious as I do? Am I even doing this right? Even so I've somehow been able to push those thoughts aside enough to post it, which I'm somewhat proud of myself for. I was able to overcome an anxiety. What helped me to get past these feelings was to remember that the courage to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and not let fear be the factor that holds us back allows for growth. I may be someone who is always careful to look before she steps, but sometimes you have to be willing to take a blind step in order to move forward to explore the unknown.  


Seeing as I'm not a fan of my voice recorded, I kept talking to a minimum meaning this isn't your typical "Introductory Video." Rather than flat out tell you about myself- my interests, what I do in my spare time, etc- I wanted to show you. This way you'll see some of the things I love and get to know my personality a bit, as well. As I said, a lot of thought was put into the creation of my channel to the point that I started planning in February. Due to that I started filming a while ago, so some clips feature snow and some are green and lush!

This is all new and I'm still learning, so please be kind with your comments and feedback. Thank you! :)


Monday, May 18, 2015

Contemporary Shabby Chic


At the beginning of autumn, my boyfriend will be renting his first apartment off campus at our uni! The whole paperwork side to renting a place is new and slightly unnerving to him, let alone the thought that he has to fill this space with furniture and homey bits. And that's where I swoop in and help per his request!

His style and my style differ. He likes the bohemian and warm feel, while I prefer the contemporary, modern, and shabby chic look. Though I'll chill at his place often, it isn't my apartment, so I'll put aside what I'd want to make his vision a reality. 

Designing his place got me thinking, though; how would I decorate my first apartment? That's the inspiration behind this post. I image it'd include pieces like these. As you can see, this look is very fresh and clean. It very much follows the modern and contemporary style. Neutral colors are the primary ones used, with the occasional accent color or metallic finish. This look does come across as very cold and sterile, so I'd definitely warm it up with shabby chic pieces, like throws and pillows- anything with texture. Perhaps I'll draw inspiration from my current bedroom setup as briefly described in this post

I may not rent my first apartment for a few years and have the opportunity to plan and setup everything as I'd like it, but until then, I can live vicariously through my friends, boyfriend, and brother until I'm ready to take that next step! Oh how fun interior designing is!

How would you describe your style?


Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Fives

I haven't done a "Friday Fives" favorite post in a very long time. I miss them! Personally, I enjoy reading favorites and I'm sure I'm not alone on this one. It's a great way to have multiple reviews of a variety of products in one viewing medium, be it via post or video.

This favorites posts definitely has a variety. With all the items put together, it seems so random and jumbled. Generally when I do favorites posts, I stick to a theme/category, but not this time! Since there is quite the diversity amongst the products I'm sharing, hopefully you'll see something that intrigues you. Or maybe you will realize you need said item in your life, and this post will have actually helped you! Either way, here are some of the bits I've been loving this week (/for longer than a week really)!

Out of fear of being redundant, here's my haul post featuring these slip-ons and why I love them! All I'm gonna say now is, how cool is this print?!!

Three years ago, I was wandering through Bed, Bath, & Beyond. After going through the kitchen and bedroom sections, I found myself in the bath area. I can recall at the time I was looking for a makeup mirror. As I was heading over to them, a small plastic box with a white and a blue towel in it caught my eye. When looking closer at it, I realized these rolled up pieces of fabric were a fuss-free way to have your hair in a towel after washing it. At the time I fumbled with twisting a regular towel up on my head post-shower, which we all know is cumbersome, so to have found this, I was so hoping this "As Seen on TV" product would be the solution to my dilemma. And it has been for the past three years! Since then I've purchased a few more. They are so convenient and really absorbent! Plus, they're really cute and remind me of head wraps from the 40s-50s. The Turbie Twist is a great invention!

I will try to keep this short and sweet; though I can go on for quite a while about this product. This is the ultimate foundation. As someone who's searched high and low for at least decent foundations, this has surpassed all of my expectations. This line, as with all of the other MAC foundations, has a perfect match to my skin color. It is extremely difficult to find a match since I'm very pale, so I'm usually stuck with having a face slightly darker/more orange than everywhere else. But not anymore! This foundation also has amazing coverage. My skin naturally has red splotches, and with this, no one would even know. This foundation is also great with my combination skin. It honestly fulfills all of my requirements to the tee. I even don't mind forking over the cash for it, as it's done my skin justice!

Please excuse how this looks... it melted in the sun when sitting in my car. *cries*
This lipstick has not earned just a place in a weekly faves, but a place on my list of favorites from the past year, as well. It is definitely one of my favorites of all time. This lipstick is "super lustrous" and smooth. It applies evenly and opaquely in one layer. Pink Pearl is no doubt my go-to color. It is a slightly burnt nude. I'm one who never feels complete without lipstick and this one is perfect for that non-overpowering everyday look. 

Starbucks is a love of mine in general, but this week in particular, I've been mad about it. It's been a savior really. I actually went twice this week (whoops). One time was for a pick-me-up from hours of studying, working, daily responsibilities, etc, and the other time was with friends (and for filming ;)). I've really been enjoying the Mocha Frappuccinos for something delicious and cool, and on occasion a danish for sweet substance. Starbucks is a treat, and we all know how important it is to #TreatYoSelf!

What have you being loving lately?


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Naked Basics

A month ago, a follower of my Instagram and fellow blogger was wondering if I could write up a review of the Naked Basics palette. In this haul post from several months ago, I gave a brief review of it, but at last I present a more in depth version to you! 

Everyone and their mother is well aware of the reputation of the regular ole Naked palettes; they are smooth, pigmented, and long-lasting. This is true for the Naked Basics palette, as well. The main differences between the originals versus the Basics is obviously the size and price. The Basics is ideal for on-the-go and to have such fundamental shadow shades in one handy palette. This palette is $29 dollars as opposed to the larger ones that are $54, so it's easier to fork over the smaller wad of cash. The Basics may be the cheaper of the two sizes, but as I thought about it more, it might be better to save up for a full sized one considering it comes with twelve shades and a dual sided brush, as opposed to only six colors. Choosing the smaller one or larger one all depends on what you're willing to sacrifice in order to purchase the product- the price and convenience, or cost and worth? Either way, no matter how much I love this shadow, I still believe it's overpriced.

Price aside, what I love about the Naked Basics palette is the shades and number of shadows included. This palette is comprised of six neutral tones that can form very natural looks or even smokey ones. With this pocket-sized palette are just the essentials, not an overwhelming variety. They are the basics to any gorgeous eyeshadow look.

Part of what makes these shadows so natural looking is the matte effect. Five of the six shades are matte. The one shimmery shadow is Venus. It is a beautiful cream that is great for bringing light to the eyes in the inner corner. The rest span from a yellow-y tone, to browns, and black. The yellow shade, Foxy, remained untouched for the first few months I owned this, but as spring has taken full swing, this paired with a gold eyeshadow creme featured in this post and the taupe, Naked 2, makes for a fresh, simple and sweet, light smokey eye that is perfect for this season. (Stay tuned for a post on this look!) Not only do each of the shadows blend well with other Naked shadows, but they do with other brands, too.

Despite my thoughts on the price, I still consider this to be a good purchase. The amount of product and quality is definitely there. Plus, I get so much use out of it. Once I use up this palette, which won't be for a while I'm sure, I will no doubt purchase this again. The Naked Basics palette has earned a permanent spot in my collection.

Do you own the Naked Basics palette? How about any of the other Naked palettes? What are your thoughts on these shadows?


Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's a Princess!

Dress//Hat//Bag//Earrings//Heels//Perfume//Purple Polish//Pink Polish//Teacup

As I'm sure everyone is aware, another royal baby was born! Today there is a new princess! I may not be from the UK, but it's still very exciting. A day like today is another for the history books, and yet another time where a countless number of people were brought together to be merry and celebrate. It's funny how the birth of one child has done that. And that's what the inspiration behind this outfit is- the joys of living. I envision someone parading around in this look at a royal garden party. Simply having a pleasant time taking in the flowers, fountains, and being immersed in the sweet sounds of a harp and violins, whilst sipping tea. No doubt in an instance like this, one would feel like a princess themselves. So it may be an actual princess's birthday today, but why not feel like a princess yourself?

Have a lovely day and stay fabulous!!