The Ultimate Guide to Recreating Nancy Meyers' "It's Complicated" House


Inspiration is abundant. It can be found in the most obvious of places, as well as those obscure ones. One place I have always drawn inspiration from are films- particularly from the interiors. As a lover of design, it is always something I'm in tune to in day-to-day life and when enjoying films.

It is no surprise that the homes in Nancy Meyers movies are swoon worthy. Alongside exceptional storytelling comes some great visuals and interiors to compliment the characters and the lives they lead. Over on my TikTok I have a series diving deep into each house and how to achieve that style in one's own home.

Though they may be a bit aspirational as far as the price tag goes, there are endless elements to draw inspiration from and ways to incorporate this style in your own home, even on a budget! To that I say, don't underestimate the power of paint, some fresh furniture (secondhand treasures included!), and decor! With small intentional changes, you can transform your house into a home fit for a Nancy Meyers film. But most importantly, a comfortable space where the best moments can unfold.

The first house we discussed over on TikTok is the charming Spanish-style home from "It's Complicated." It is a ranch located in Santa Barbara, California that exudes very warm and inviting vibes. Funnily enough, the interior shots were actually filmed in Brooklyn! 

At first glance, this house is very homey. A lot of warm neutral colors are used, along with pops of orange and navy. There is texture and depth to the spaces with the use of a variety of materials, like natural and distressed wood, marble, copper, lush linens, metals, plants, and ceramics. It has a very timeless comfortable feel, with some organic and transitional influences. The exterior boasts a garden and patio area, as well.

I imagine Jane, the protagonist, enjoyed shopping at Pottery Barn, Crate & BarrelWilliams Sonoma, and Restoration Hardware. Those stores come to mind when I think of this gorgeous style!

Below is a breakdown of each room and pieces I'd consider buying to recreate this cinematic home!

Paint by Benjamin Moore. Another color I thought of after the fact is Silver Satin. It is a lovely warm toned grey!

The production designers and set decorators certainly didn't skimp when it came to the details. Much like a real home, the details, no matter how small, make a space great. Every corner of this set was clearly thoughtfully curated with no detail missed. 

Not only is the "It's Complicated" home objectively beautiful, but the aesthetics of it all really gives you insight into the lives of the characters. What they like, what is important to them, and how they spend their time even. In this case it is a warm homey environment ideal for small gatherings, relaxation, and a bit of baking and gardening! Both in a movie home and real life, it's all in the details... even down to ceramic artichokes! (see below haha)

Side Note: An added detail I noticed in the dining room were plates and platters displayed on the wall, like the below image! It's a simple touch that adds an extra bit of interest to a space and utilizes those pieces that may otherwise collect dust... one of my favorite decorating tricks!

Now for the piece de resistance! A carefully curated list of items suited for this style! Please note, I do not know the true quality of each of these items. Please read the reviews for better insight! Also, the below items do contain affiliate links. These items fall into a wide range of price points, as well. Feel free to simply draw from the shape and style of the pieces to find the perfect ones for you! This list gives a good depiction of the style to look for with pieces. :)


Dining Tables 




Miscellaneous Kitchen Bits

Countertop Appliances

Hardware & Finishes


Couches & Chairs

TV Stands & Consoles

Pillows & Blankets 

Living Room Decor & Furniture


Bedroom Furniture

Window Treatments


Outdoor Furniture


What do you think of this house?



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