Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Choose :)

 **None of these photos are my own. They were found on Creative Commons.**

I did not plan on posting a second time this week, let alone a followup to that brief post from Monday; however I'm in a really good mood today (the kind where your insides are all warm and fuzzy), have time, and am inspired thus making for the perfect opportunity to blog. Since the sun is shining brightly today, though it's only in the 60s (thank goodness), I've pulled up my big fluffy chair next to my window so I can take in all the rays. The window is cracked also letting in a nice breeze. It's the making for a peaceful productive time. In all honesty, I can totally see why cats like sunning themselves; this is so satisfying and calming!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Going Home

It's been nearly a month since I've been in a completely familiar territory. At last, I have the opportunity to return home in a few short days. Though in the grand scheme of life, I haven't been away for that long, it still feels like it's been forever. The excitement of uni wears away day by day into the typical doldrum school routine. As it does I can feel myself getting fatigued. It's constantly go-go-go. In the beginning I could keep up, but now I really need a chance to catch my breath. That's why this quick pitstop is so vital. I need to step away to recharge my batteries (especially before a few big presentations and exams I have in the next two weeks... wish me luck!). Aside from finishing up and submitting a few online assignments and quizzes, this weekend is all about pampering myself.

Here's what my pamper weekend will include: