Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Fives: My Art

Ever since I was in preschool and able to hold a marker or crayon, art has been a fundamental part of my being. It has helped to cultivate my general tendency to be creative. I've gotten into the habit of trying to instill a flare to whatever I'm doing if possible. Also, much like with writing, art has provided me with a way to put my thoughts into a physical form. I may not be the best artist in the world, but nonetheless art is still something I'm passionate about!

 Colored pencil // Lyrics from Kodaline's song, "All I Want"
Acrylic 8" X 10" // A Mother's Day gift. Based on a sunset from the summer of 2013.

Pencil // Emma Watson from UN speech, "HeForShe"

Acrylic 8" X 10" // Our Names Are Written in the Stars

Charcoal // Lana Del Rey

Take a peek at my art page on tumblr for more of my work if you'd like. :)

Have a lovely day and stay fabulous!!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Skiing, Shopping, & Selfies

 *Brace yourselves, this is a picture heavy post... you'll be scrolling forever :P*

If you follow me on twitter, then you know I've been on a ski vacation the last couple of days. My family and I traveled several hours to get to a condo abutting a mountain. Our initial plan was to have two full days of skiing; however for my mum and myself, that didn't pan out. One of the days we decided to get all jazzed up and take a peek around the area. It turned out going into the village and roaming about in the little shops was a better choice than skiing, as it was very icy and cold that day. Plus, the fact that I purchased a few nice bits, got to wear my new fave outfit, and spent time with my mum automatically made the day great. Missing one day of skiing to explore other parts of this place I rarely visit was worth it to me!

Turquoise Bracelet//random shop//$10
Crystal Pendant//random shop//$14.99
Tall Jar//Christmas Tree Shop//$1
Mosaic Jar//Christmas Tree Shop//$3
Handmade Jar//random shop//$6
Bottles with corks//Christmas Tree Shop//$0.89 & $1
Planter//Christmas Tree Shop//$2.39
Wooden Sign//random shop//$14
Holey (?) Sweater//T.J. Maxx//$19.99
Velvet Swing Dress//T.J.Maxx//$10
(I frickin love this dress!!)

car selfies are awkward >.<

♥CoverGirl Professional Super Thick Lash in very black
♥L'Oreal The Blackbuster by Infallible
♥Almay Shimmer-i Trio for Browns

♥e.l.f Studio Eyebrow Kit in medium
♥Sonia Kashuk Tinted Brow Gel

♥Almay Clear Complexion Concealer in light
♥Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation in 110
♥Maybeline Fit Me! Pressed Powder in 110
♥Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Bronzer
♥ Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent Pearl

♥Maybelline Color Whisper in Orange Attitude
(it's a bit worn off in the photo :/)

Look at that snow dirt... *yikes*

Fur Vest: Target
Cable Knit Sweater: Delia*s
 Boyfriend Jeans: Express
Belt: Target
Boots: Walmart
Bag: Michael Kors
Headband: Knit by my aunt :)


Have you gone on a vacation recently, or have plans to? If so, where?


PS I'm thinking of doing a room tour video. Would that be of interest to anyone??

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Fives: Starting Your New Year Off Right

It's two weeks into 2015. Wowwie. So it's about time I share some tips on how to start off your new year right... Though, it is never too late to make a change!

Buy a plant:
I'm the type of person who believes that people sense energies and vibes from their environment. They can contribute to one's overall positivity. I've found that when people introduce more of a connection with nature into their lives, that person's overall calmness and happiness increases. There's just something about striping away all of the modern day fluff and getting back to basics that is so beneficial to an individual's overall well being. Simply bringing a bit of the outdoors indoors can be a great way to improve your mindset! Plants in the household are also great for your physical health. They help reduce airborne toxins and carbon dioxide making for cleaner and fresher air. Plus, plants are pretty, so why not add a few for decoration??

A heavy duty clear out is something we all dread. It can be daunting thinking of how many boxes and piles of items that need to be sorted through. When it's done, though, the sense of relief makes it all worth it. Cleaning is a great way to feel refreshed and motivated to simply do. It can be difficult to  begin, but sometimes you just have to power through if you want to feel that weight lift off of your shoulders. Break it up into rooms or sections at a time and before you know it, everything will be spic and span! The first weekend of the New Year I did a major clear out and now that it's complete I can tell you I don't regret the hours invested. Plus, I was able to donate a lot of clothes and bits to charity! This is your sign from the universe telling you to just do it!! You'll be happy you did!

Get yer hair did:
To be cliché- it's a new year, so a new you!! Been yearning to try out a particular 'do? Have it done! Since New Years is for whatever reason the designated time to make an apparent change in your life, why not take advantage of it? Dying your hair or having it cut a certain way will make you feel like a million bucks. Seems like a great way to kick off the New Year to me!

Make a schedule:
Be it for blogging, exercising, or random things you'd like to accomplish, keeping organized with a schedule will help yield great results and a sense of achievement. Define your goals and let productivity kick in! With the satisfaction of ticking off each point, you'll feel motivated to continue maintaining a schedule and have a topnotch work ethic!

 Treat yo self:
You made it through another year!! Do you know what you should do? Treat yo self.
To quote Parks & Rec-
"Clothes- treat yo self
Fragrances- treat yo self
Massages- treat yo self
Mimosas- treat yo self
(^^if you can legally have alcohol)
Fine leather goods- treat yo self"
After a long year, you deserve to spoil yourself. Buy something or don't; that's completely up to you! If you rather save cash, enjoy a nice pamper evening. Light those candles, run a bath, smear on a face mask, and take a load off. There's nothing like an evening dedicated to caring just for yourself. Recharge your batteries and start off the year with plenty of energy!

I would like to add briefly that yes, New Years is a great time to implement a new habit, etc in your life, but don't feel restricted by a silly day and month to do so. Right now is the best time to make a change.  So "do something your future self will thank you for!"

Stay tuned for a "sequel" to this post! :)

What have you done to start this year off right?   


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Star Light Star Bright

In honor of Bubble Bath Day, I thought it fitting to review something from LUSH. However rather than reviewing a bubble bar, like any other person would given the day, I've gone with a bath melt just because it's the most recent product I've used.

Tuesday evening I felt very stressed and bogged down by assignments, housework, and trying to squeeze in some blogging. It was one of those days where no matter how much was accomplished, there was still so much to do. All turned out well, though. Part of the reason was because I treated myself to a mini pamper evening. Time wasn't necessarily on my side, but midway through everything I said to myself, "Molly, you need to set everything aside, relax, and take a load off." With that I ran the bath, swirled and crumbled the Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt in it, and was transported to a place of serenity.

As the bath melt dissolved, a pod was revealed that turned the water a lovely clouded turquoise. From the coating of glitter on the melt, a luminous layer was left on the water's surface. This melt gave the bathroom a faint, yet pleasant, aroma. I couldn't pinpoint what the scent was for the life of me, so I looked it up. It smells of "zesty ginger, lavender and lime oil." Definitely wouldn't have guessed that, but oh well, the fragrance was still very nice and calming! What I really love about this product is that organic shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil are key ingredients. These are components that skin just soaks up. They're rich with vitamins, don't clog pores, moisturize, soften, and revitalize. If you want your skin feeling silky smooth, this melt is for you! I highly recommend this to those who are prone to dry skin. Even if you're not, it's winter, so skin tends to need a little more TLC. Bonus: After using this bath melt, you'll look like Kesha for a few days. It's fantastic.
Once done with my "#treatyoself" time, I felt refreshed and ready to tick everything off my to-do list. I would definitely like to catch this falling star and put it in my pocket again. It is limited edition (darn!), so if you're interested in it, grab it asap!

Would you try this? If you already have, how did you like it?



Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2014

Twelve days have gone by since another memorable Christmas and I'm finally getting around to sharing the favourite bits I received. It would have been nice to post this sooner, but I was too busy enjoying my gifts! 

Last week, my best friend and I stayed at her condo, which is off of a side trail at one of the larger resorts in the North East. Being the little ski bunnies that we are, we skied one day after another. Despite the trail conditions not being preferable from so much ice, the vacation was a blast. I was able to disconnect from the social media scene for the majority of the trip from lack of WiFi at her place, meet some skiers that after many runs together we parted as friends, and of course test out all of my new equipment that I got for Christmas!!

(note: I was present during the purchasing of the ski related gifts for obvious reasons)

Salomon X-Wing 500 Skis
Skis are expensive. There's no denying it. Even the most basic skis for women are pricey. That is why this year I chose to go with a good ol' used pair of Salomons. They get me down the mountain just fine. After having taken them to the ski shop, they're all tuned up and practically like new. I currently don't race, but free ski, so until I'm at the starting gate, these are wonderful!

Leki Fine Ski Poles
These poles are very cool and high tech. They are apart of Leki's Trigger System line, so a t-strap goes over your gloves. Attached to each strap is a loop, which can click in and out of the pole by the push of a button. For people who like going fast and doing semi-dangerous terrain (like myself), this system is safe and fuss-free. If you yard sale, they'll pop off like skis. Plus these poles are classic and sleek. Love 'em!

Lange SX 80 W Boots
Lange boots have such a great fit! For intermediate to advanced skiers, that is very important because it makes for controlling the skis easier. Plus, no one likes ankles swimming around in boots. These are exceptional quality, which is what drew me to them, as well as the fact that they have a splash of magenta. My best friend is a very talented and competitive ski racer, so with that she doesn't look for colour or style with her equipment, rather the best that's around. So far she keeps poking fun at how I've colour-coordinated everything and calls me basic because of it. Who said you had to sacrifice fashion when skiing? :P 

Giro Helmet
Is there even much to say about helmets? It fits well, protects the noggin, and is adjustable on the inside, as well as the chin strap. Giro is a great brand. Loads of skiers I know have this brand of helmet. I really like the matte finish to this particular one because it matches the boots.  

Karbon Rochon Jacket
I've been skiing since I was six years old, so I've gone through my fair share of jackets. This jacket is honestly the best one I've ever owned. Everyday I went skiing last week was freezing. When I say freezing, I'm talking 6 degrees Fahrenheit with a windchill making it feel like it's below zero. This paired with the heat gear I talked about in this post kept me warm for a full day of skiing. Not once were my arms or torso cold, which is a first. Once I wear this jacket out, I am definitely going to purchase another Karbon one.

Oakley Crowbar Snow Goggles
Not once have I had issues with Oakley goggles. These ones did not disappoint. This particular model has a crowbar feature, so it fits to the face very well even if you're wearing a helmet. The lens is great. Where I ski is often overcast, so I didn't need to worry about getting the super tinted ones. I'm not blinded by the glare going down the slopes during the day, and these are excellent at night. (Gotta love night skiing!) These goggles cover all grounds. 

Rossignol Gloves
I feel like all of my ski gear is very brand oriented this year. Not to say that it's a bad thing, but generally I stick to basics. Rossignol is another big ski brand. They have quality products; these gloves being no exception. They keep my hands warm and work well with the t-straps on my poles. Like any glove, after 6+ hours, my hands started feeling cold because of the material becoming damp. There isn't much that can be done about that, though. Bring on the hand warmers!

Ski Boots Bag
The friend that opened up her condo to me actually got me this for Christmas. I'm the type of person who struggles to carry things and if I grab one thing, something will fall to the ground. Typical. This bag has definitely helped already! All of my gear fits in it perfectly. It's a Christmas miracle!

Michael Kors Tote
Dear brother, you knocked the ball out of the park with this gift. My older brother was the one who gave this to me. Firstly, it's the oh so beloved burgundy. Secondly, it's Michael Kors. My brother is fabulous.

Simply Shabby Chic Bedding
For a solid eight months I've been eying this bedding. I was delighted to see it was one of the gifts Santa left. This was the final piece needed to complete my room. My bedroom is officially full on rustic princess.

Throw Blanket
I was out shopping with my mum at Target a couple of months back and in passing said I'd love to have that mustard coloured throw blanket. Mothers are fascinating with how they mentally add items to their list.

Now onto purchasing throw pillows... c:

Being the little writer I am, I'm constantly needing new notebooks... mainly because I misplace whichever one I'm using. This one is very ornate, so it's a nice change from the composition notebooks I typically use. Hopefully I won't lose this one!

A couple of weeks ago, I learned that I need reading glasses. Joy. For Christmas, many relatives gave money, so I used a small portion of what I received to buy these. Thanks, extended family!

I hope you had a marvelous Christmas!! :)



Note: The intention of this post was not to brag, but rather simply share. I for one am a nosy little blogger who enjoys taking peeks into other people's lives. Posts like this one are interesting to me, so I figured I mustn't be the only person who feels this way. That being said, I just hope this didn't upset or irritate anyone!!