Saturday, June 27, 2015

Vlog || A Photoshoot in the Middle of Nowhere

For this video I've attempted vlogging. This is only because my friend took me to her photoshoot for an online jeweler and frankly that's not something that happens everyday to an ordinary gal like myself. What I've concluded from this day is that 1) I'm super awkward in front of the the camera and say "um" a lot, 2) I can't imagine vlogging to the point that I have 15+ minutes of footage, and 3) the process of making handmade jewelry is very interesting and involved. 

For my second video I've definitely pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I spoke quite a bit in front of the camera, opened up about my personal life, and shared a creation (videos) that most people don't even realize I dabble in and enjoy making. Basically making this video, and channel in general, wasn't the easiest or most anxiety-free thing for me to do. My YouTube channel is very personal to me and that's what's kind of cool about it; it shows my growth. Hopefully I'll stick with it and continue practicing stepping out of my comfort zone into the unknown!

So tada, here's another video. I hope you enjoy it! :)


Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Dress//Shoes (featured in this post & this post)

The grid pattern has got to be one of my favorite trends and patterns to wear at the moment. I find the perfect lines so crisp, clean, and refreshing. It falls into the contemporary style I've been loving oh so much. And more often than not grids are the monochromatic coloring I love, too; though this pattern can come in a variety of colors depending where you look. Since it's a pattern it'll look amazing with any solid colored clothes and pops of color. Its simplicity makes it very polished looking, as well. Owning a gridded item will make for a statement piece in any casual or professional wardrobe. I only own two items of clothing with this motif, but I'm hoping to purchase a few more in the near future. Here are some on my wishlist!

What do you think of this trendy pattern? Are there any patterns you've been loving?


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

Shirt//Overalls//Hat//Watch//Faux Birks

It has been quite a while since I've published an outfit post. Today I didn't anticipate doing one either, but as I always say inspiration can be found anywhere and sometimes it's just best to go with it. The hat pictured is actually one of two hats I gave my dad for Father's Day, which inspired this look. After he opened it I tried it on for old time's sake when I'd steal his hats and wear them around the house in my pink overalls. It made me nostalgic. I didn't end up wearing the hat most of today since it isn't mine, but I've concluded from my short time sporting it that I may have to invest in one in the future. This outfit paired with the dark lip and two braids definitely makes for a unique look and falls into the style that aesthetic bloggers like/wear on tumblr. I'm a fan of it. And I'm also a fan/obsessed with stripes at the moment. Post on that to come in the near future!

PS I saw a deer today (hence the picture), so that was pretty cool! They're so majestic. 

Have a lovely day and stay fabulous! :)


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Review || Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner


It wasn't until a few months ago I was prompted to switch my hair care regime once again. This time around it wasn't just for the benefit of my hair, but also for my skin. Despite snow having been on the ground in March when I made the change, I was still aware of the warm days to come. Naturally I became a bit more mindful of my appearance. With that I noticed redness and irritation on my shoulders and upper back that I wanted gone for swimsuit season. My doc had concluded it was some sort of topical allergy and recommended that I change the hair products I used regularly. So I went to Walmart to see what I could find and lo and behold, there were two products on the self I would fall in love with.

Before I bought the shampoo and conditioner, I looked through the ingredients of the products I was using. I was trying to find the ingredient(s) that weren't great for hair and skin. Through research and my scanning of the bottles the ingredient that stood out was sulfate. Sulfates are known to strip the hair and be an irritant. So in my search, if I could help it, I wanted to avoid them at all costs. When noticing the Aveeno products on the self, the emphasis of sulfate-free is what drew me into making the purchase. Of course with all Aveeno products, the simple natural look of the bottles didn't hurt either.

With this shampoo and conditioner combination, my hair and skin has never been better. With no sulfate, my hair isn't being striped of natural oils and left with that awful dry "squeaky clean" feeling. It is silky and soft for days. The lack of sulfate has also led to my scalp and skin feeling and looking better. My hairdresser and I have also noticed a change in the thickness of my hair since I began using these products. It's gotten much thicker and stronger. This is also partially due to not having used heat on my hair for months.

Of course this is important and always something people wonder; the scent. These products smell lovely. They have a nice, natural, and refreshing smell to them. Also, the price is definitely right for these. Though the bottles may seem small, the product lasts a long time. I've been using the same bottles for months and I'm just at the bottom! (Note: I have medium length fine hair, but a decent amount of it. Also, I wash my hair every other day to prevent stripping of the natural oils.)

Aveeno has always been a favorite brand of mine for moisturizers and skincare, and they have now earned a spot in my favorite hair care products. Even with hair care they've managed to do great things for the skin! I definitely recommend these products even if you don't have finicky hair and sensitive skin!

Have you tried Aveeno's hair care line? How did you like it?


Saturday, June 6, 2015


For whatever reason, I've been having the patience and desire to try fun and interesting nail designs lately. I suppose since summer is right around the corner, I'm wanting to attempt bright, cheery, seasonal designs to jazz it up a bit. Plus, there's so much around that can spark creativity this time of year. I always say inspiration can come from anywhere so long as you keep your eyes open for opportunities.

That's exactly what happened with this design. I'm currently sporting one that wasn't sought out, but rather I was going about my business eating watermelon when I experienced a surge of inspiration. The result was me trying to paint my nails to resemble the fruit. I didn't have much time the night I was doing them, so I was only able to complete my thumb. If I had more time and the cheap nail polish I was using didn't take 5 billion coats to be frickin opaque then I would've done all of my nails. Oh well. I painted the rest white leaving my thumb as an "accent" nail. This design would look adorable on all of your nails, or even just an accent one on the ring finger. Definitely Instagram worthy!

Base coat
Thin tip polishes in
Top coat

1. File and shape your clean nails if you so choose. *Remember to file in one direction to keep your nails strong and in tip top shape!*  

2. Apply the base coat to your nails to prevent staining.

3. With the green thin tip polish, paint your nails as if you're doing half the width of a french tip. This will end up being about two strokes wide.

4. Apply one line of the white polish below the green.

5. Fill in the rest of your nail with the red/pink color.

6. Add 3 black tear drop shapes on the red slightly below the white line, the point of the drop facing towards your cuticle.

7. With the white, add several very superficial strokes to the green to match the pattern of a watermelon. Use a feathering stroke.

8. Apply a top coat to complete this design!

If you try this design out, use quality polishes so you don't run into the same problem as I did Be sure to post a picture of it on Instagram and mention me (@molly_mac3) so I can see it!


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Birthday Wish List 2015

A week from today is my birthday! Naturally I have a few items in mind that I'd like to welcome into my home, so I figured why not share those bits with you! Given my tendency to want pricier pieces, I hope family and friends don't splurge that much. This compilation will act more as my own list of items I want to save up for.

I currently use a point and shoot Olympus camera for photos and videos. Previously being a Canon girl, I still love them, but have also been very impressed with what Olympus has to offer. What I love about this camera is not only the white vintage look, but the fact that it has a flip-down screen (great for pictures and vlogging!) and a detachable lens. Lenses make all the difference for a camera. This may not be a DSLR, but with the ability to change lens, the quality will be quite close. Plus, this is more compact than those fancy shmancy clunky cameras. This isn't just a "want," it's an investment. ;)

As I just mentioned, lenses play a huge role in the quality of a photo, regardless of how nice a camera may be. This lens achieves those shots with a crisp focus on a single subject or object with a soft blur in the background. Perfect for macro and fashion shots!

For the past two months, my friend has been kindly letting me borrow her tripod. Unfortunately for me she needs it back, so I'm left tripod-less. If I want to continue making YouTube videos (which I do!) I'm in desperate need of one. This particular one is very similar to hers; however I'm making sure the one I purchase has the handle for rotating the camera. Gotta have that 360 degree motion capability!

No matter how nice your camera is, great consistent lighting is essential. Softboxes provide even lighting and make for clearer brighter photos and videos. I could get away with one box, but I rather two so it's at least closer to the triangle lighting setup. Plus, it'll illuminate my face better for videos! These+natural lighting=well I just can't wait to film!

Simply put, floor length mirrors are convenient for those quick Snapchat and Instagram outfit pictures. This white faux leather framed one is a pretty chic piece of decor. It would make a nice addition to my room. 

Being the makeup lover that I am, you'd think I already own a lighted mirror. However I do not; I use a round handheld. Frankly, it's about time that I purchase one of these types for my vanity! Maybe my makeup will turn out better from having great lighting! Flawless lighting=a flawless look, right??

Marshalls!! My love! This is my favorite store at the moment. I've been loving the clothes, shoes, accessories, home bits, etc they've been offering lately. I'm all about the quality items for much less. If I were to receive gift cards to Marshalls, or really any of the TJX stores, I'd be pleased as punch!

This is a shot in the dark, but oh well. Just putting it into the universe anyway. As someone who always sets goals, this is just another. I'm hoping to double how many subs I have by next week, so if you'd like to help make a b-day wish come true, you know what to do. ;)

Have a lovely day and stay fabulous! :)