Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Spring Tag

I saw this tag the other day and was intrigued. Seeing as I haven't done a tag in a while I figured why not do one now; especially one that's related to spring since everything is finally starting to bloom! Though this tag is more beauty based rather than about the joy of flowers and other springtime attributes. Regardless, spring was much needed after this long winter, so why not celebrate it with a tag? It is a beautiful, calm, and refreshing time that I love, apart from all of the creepy crawlies!    

1. What three colors remind you of spring? 
Pastel green and purple, and coral. Really anything pastel, pale, or nude. 

2. What is the first thing you add to your spring wardrobe? 
Accessories, bags, shoes, etc- anything other than clothing. Honestly, shoes would probably have to be the first, though, based on my last post

3. What are your ultimate nude and bright lipsticks? 
Nudes: Revlon’s Pink Pearl and MAC’s Faux & Shy Girl 
Bright: Revlon’s HD Orchid and MAC’s Girl About Town, Full Fuschia, & Morange

4. What is your signature spring fragrance? 
Bath & Body Works’ Love & Sunshine and Mad About You. I flit around from fragrance to fragrance. Gotta mix it up sometimes! 

5. What do you add or drop from your skin care routine? 
I’ve dropped my “winter” moisturizer since it began making my face oily and I started breaking out. Generally I try not to mess with my skin care routine as my skin is finicky. Though I plan on trying out Olay’s Swirl Mattifier!

6. Do you change your hair up in spring?
Seasons have never really compelled me to change my hair, but rather the feeling of wanting to “mix it up.” And I happen to be feeling that now just as spring is taking full swing, so I may get a side fringe again and potentially ombre. 

7. Are there any exciting beauty releases that you can’t wait for? 
Well Sonia Kashuk just released beauty organizers, so not exactly up and coming nor a beauty product per say, but still very exciting because they all have really neat designs! Also, Moroccanoil just released a dry shampoo. 

8. What are your three favorite nail colors for spring? 
Essie’s Go Ginza & Tart Deco and Nicole by O.P.I’s You Can!

9. What’s your favorite thing about spring? 
Aside from fashion, beauty, and anything of that nature, my favorite things about spring include gardening and taking long walks through the woods to explore what’s around. 

10. Is there anything you’re looking forward to this spring? 
Along with what I mentioned above, I’m looking forward to attending a wedding and graduation parties! Also, to upload my first YouTube video! (Feel free to subscribe now :P) 

I tag anyone who would like to answer these questions!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

As I'm sure many of you could assume, especially those who follow me on Instagram, I'm obsessed with shoes. I enjoy shopping in general to the point that it could probably be considered a hobby of mine at this point, but when it comes to shoes, they are my passion. There's just something about shoes that I love. Maybe it's that moment when you open up the box and fold aside the tissue paper to reveal these bright, untouched, and ready to be broken in statement pieces. Or maybe the fact they can make or break an outfit. All I know is that I love the endless styles, patterns, and colors offered and equally the endless number of outfits that can be built around a single pair.

Prior to this purchase I've never owned a pair of white pumps. Boy I've been missing out. White heels, like black, brown, or nudes, are a staple. They are simple enough to work with almost any outfit. Various outfit combinations for the upcoming months were formulating in my head at first glance. Since it is spring, and summer is fast approaching, I opted for these strappy heels. Not only am I pleased to have added such a neutral option to my collection, but I've been looking high and low for heels to wear to a few graduation parties I'll be attending over the next couple of months!

These are the heels I'll be wearing to my cousin's wedding. Not only am I wearing a dark navy Calvin Klein bodycon dress that I feel spectacular in, but these gorgeous lacy shooties are the icing on the cake. With my black envelope clutch in hand, hair done up in a french twist, and this pairing, my confidence will surely sore. You can never go wrong with a black heel, especially ones where you can't help but be self-assured and poised while sporting them.

Not going to lie, the price tag is what drew me to these heels initially. At only $15 for these and purchasing the ones below with Payless's bogo offer, I couldn't say no. How often can you purchase two brand new and unique pairs of shoes for $21? Probably more often than I think actually, and I'm really just falling for Payless's marketing scheme... Oh well! I still got two new pairs of shoes! These gorgeous dual tone heels with the color and pattern will be great for work. It's the perfect way to rock a little bit of leopard. I can just picture myself now wearing these, a black pencil skirt, red blazer, with gold accents for that 'edgy powerful independent woman' look. Even with adding this 'edge,' my feet won't have to pay the price thanks to the extra squishy padding on the inside. Bonus! 

As mentioned above, the price of these were a major pull factor. On sale they're $12, but with the bogo promotion, they ended up being $6. I've been wanting to buy slip-on Vans for a while for the design and conveniences, but I'm happy to have found these as a way cheaper alternative. Lately I've been loving the urban, contemporary, monochromatic style, and these fit the bill perfectly. With the black and white inverted on either half of the shoe, I figured these would make an even cooler addition to my shoe selection over a more basic $50 pair of Vans. I can't wait to pair these with black disco pants, light wash jeggings, or even a white skort. The options are limitless!
featured in this post!

Why waste money on a name brand pair of shoes when you can get a similar pair for a fraction of the price? That was my mantra when buying these and I'm very pleased that I did. I'm in love with my faux birks! As you can tell by the photos, I've already gotten a lot of use out of these. Not only are they comfortable and quick to slide on, they also go with sooo many outfits. Most people associate this style with urban, grunge, or hipster looks, but I can assure you, these work nicely with even the girly frilly outfits. One of my favorite ensembles I put together recently was with these, a crocheted top, floral kimono, and rolled up jeans (as seen on Instagram). After wearing these almost everyday since I purchased them, they will no doubt be my favorite sandals for this spring and summer!

Which is your favorite pair of shoes from this haul? How would you style them? Have you made any spring/summer footwear additions to your wardrobe yet?


Friday, April 24, 2015

Carrie Bradshaw

Top: Kohl's
Bottoms: Delia's
Shoes: Target
Bag: Michael Kors
Necklace: Kohl's
Watch: Target
Bracelet: Kohl's

For the past couple of years I've watched "Sex and The City" off and on. Between the stylish and on occasion outrageous outfits, romance, and strong independent women vibes the main characters give off, it's a program I really enjoy but unfortunately don't get a chance to see often. I've seen it enough that out of all of the girls, Carrie Bradshaw is my fave. I mean what fashion and Manhattan loving writer wouldn't love Carrie? Plus, I am finishing up the series on Netflix that tells Carrie's story pre-city, "The Carrie Dairies!"

You see, before there was sex and before there was the city, Carrie was a typical Connecticut teen living it up in the 80's. Today's outfit drew inspiration from this young and spry Carrie. Growing up she was very fashion-conscious. Her wardrobe encapsulated an affluent flare, femininity, and hints of a vibrant editorial style. I find it's always an interesting and fun challenge to try and replicate a certain style, especially when it's 80's related.

Sporting the 80's style in modern times can either be a hit or miss, but I think this outfit is a hit. You can't really go wrong wearing a monochromatic chic look with pops of burgundy. The outfit just screams "I'm an important sophisticated city girl, check me out!" so how could that not be a hit? Even if no one else likes this look, I really do because I felt fabulous strutting around in it. With a look like this, one can't help but feel confident, which is partially the point of wearing anything really. Why wear something if it doesn't make you feel like the best version of yourself?

These photos capture the most fun I've had trying to get decent fashion model-y/outfit shots. I blasted 80s music, attempted America's Next Top Model poses, and just danced around. Because of that I have more photos to share than any other typical outfit post I've done, which I'm very excited about! It's tough taking pictures on your own, but it's always satisfying when you get a good bunch/you look semi-photogenic and presentable!

While wearing this little number I did what Carrie would do: go to Starbucks and shop! So stay tuned for a mini clothing haul! The style of clothes is different from what I typically purchase! 

Have a lovely day and stay fabulous!! 


Sunday, April 19, 2015

R U Mine?

Dear items below,
I want you to be mine.
I go through phases with music. My taste is constantly evolving. One day I'll be all about the pop, another day alternative will be the most played, to trap, folk, or even indie rock/post-punk revival. As of the last few weeks, I've been all about the latter.

As someone who lets music affect more than just her ears and her emotions whilst listening, clothing and style often end up being a reflection of whatever genre is primarily being played. My playlist has influenced my daily wear enough to align with the songs on it. When I think of a style to go with the indie rock genre, I think of the stereotypical "tumblr" look. A balance of urban, contemporary, and grunge play into this mode, as well as minimalist, monochromatic tendencies. Very Los Angeles and New York City. Very badass. This outfit inspiration is meant to capture those attributes.

It occurred to me about two weeks ago that I haven't been to Manhattan in a little over six months! For many that doesn't seem like very long, but as someone who usually makes the trip every two-three months, I'm suffering from withdrawals. Serious NYC deprivation going on right now.

Luckily I'm going for a few days in about a month with my brother and our friends! We'll be stopping by the fashion district (naturally), NoHo, and Chelsea. I've never been to NoHo or Chelsea, so I'm rather excited to see what they're all about. Both are very artsy and unique, with splashes of urban undertones. From the various small shops, independent museums, and the off-off Broadway show we'll be seeing, there will surely be plenty of photo (and possibly video) opportunities. I cannot wait!!

Long story short- I can picture myself rocking this outfit and blasting songs by the bands listed below when I visit my long term man-crush-monday, MANhattan.

Current Favorite Bands:
Arctic Monkeys//Alt-J//Vampire Weekend//The Neighborhood//The Last Shadow Puppets//Miles Kane

Have a lovely day and stay rad!!


Note: "R U Mine?" is a song by the Arctic Monkeys!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Flourishing Crayon Melt

This is a DIY I created over two years ago, prior to blogging, so I apologize for the lack of images to follow along with! Regardless I just felt the need to share this adorable and simple project with you all. As it is finally feeling like spring, what better way to celebrate than to create a seasonal craft!
A while back, my friend started crayon melting. She is rather artsy and her home definitely shows this. I can always count on finding interesting projects to do just by stepping over the threshold. After a few visits and stealing quick glances at her canvas of wax, I thought the final product looked rather cool and fun to make. Her simple rainbow one inspired me to make my own, but with a twist. Rather than doing the rainbow one, I decided to make a flower one. 

Crayons (enough to fill the length or width of whatever size canvas you have)
Hot glue gun
Hair dryer

Steps: (for generic crayon melt)
1. Lay down a few sheets of newspaper. This project can be a bit messy, especially if you're doing it for the first time.
2. Have your blank white canvas on the paper. Optional: Paint the background a color of your choice. (Black would look really cool with neon and pastel colors. If someone does make that, email me!)
3. Arrange desired colored crayons on the canvas edge; the tips pointing towards the middle.
4. Glue down the crayons one by one with the hot glue gun.
5. Turn on your hair dryer and aim the heat at the crayons. I recommend focusing the heat on the tips of the crayons. Be patient with this step.
6. If you're satisfied with the drip effects, let it dry for a few minutes. This project is quick to dry completely.

**You can tilt the hair dryer and canvas to make the drips go in various directions.
**Figure out if you should have your hair dryer on high or low power and heat. This depends on how much splattering occurs. For mine, I was able to have my hair dryer on high without any major issues.
**Let the wax pool at the crayon tips for a few seconds and then allow it to drip. This worked best for me.

The same steps as above apply to the floral option below:

Extra materials:
Fake flowers
Green hues of crayons (Brown is up to your discretion)

Last steps:
Steps 1-6
7. Cut blossoms off of the flower stems with the pliers.
8. Glue the flowers onto the crayon "stems" with the hot glue gun.

 Have a lovely day and stay fabulous!!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Me on the 16:9 Screen

If this post were to be an example for a word in the dictionary, it would be for impromptu. Being someone who likes to plan, be organized, spend time on and edit the crap out of whatever I'm creating, this is a weird post for me to whip together. You see, I'm just spilling my thoughts of what I've been mulling over in my mind for many many months onto a keyboard, and hoping it's somewhat cohesive in text form.

As more or less none of you know, I'm a really techie nerdy gal. I love the computer science side to this hobby. By that I mean, HTML, graphic designing, learning how to use various programs, etc. Writing and creating are definitely passions of mine, but so is the technical aspect to sharing content like this. I'm assuming this other, and what would appear to be a slightly out of character, side to me stems from the various robotics, programming, and engineering courses I've taken. Because of this side, I purposefully take the time to learn and explore, which eventually led me to video production.

One day, well before I started blogging (as in years ago), I sat myself down and learned how to use iMovie and Windows Live Movie Maker, to what I consider, pretty well. I then did nothing with what I learned until a few months before I began this blog. That summer I went to town making little videos for myself. As life took over during the year, the opportunities to film fizzled away. Several months ago I began working with Adobe Premiere for a course I'm taking, which has forced me to make loads of videos, but has also re-instilled my interest in movie making. I have been loving every second of this creative process. 

From having worked with various programs for so long, I have a small arsenal of videos I've made that are collecting dust on my hard drive. This is basically a secret hobby/passion of mine that most don't know takes up a decent chunk of my time. (That is one of the reasons why I haven't posted in a bit because I've been filming and editing!) That being said, I have not shared them with the world yet; however it is something I'm building up to, hence why I'm publishing this post. I've briefly mentioned my interest in creating YouTube videos in the past, but this is my first proper step in actually doing so and following through with these statements. Now hopefully I won't be too nervous to share even that much more with strangers, and end up chickening out...


 Honestly, I just really needed to write these thoughts down. This may not be a particularly interesting read, but sometimes we all need to have those diary/journal posts, even if they're just saved to drafts. But since it's written, why not post it! So here's a glimpse at what's been floating through my mind!

Now some questions for you:
♥Do you like this style of post?
♥Do you have any advice for someone who is a ball of nerves thinking about sharing videos, yet really wants to start a YouTube channel?
♥Would you be willing to subscribe to me now, though I have zero videos uploaded?? XD (haha figured I'd give it a shot!)

To those who read my ramblings, thank you!... And you can find my channel here! ;)