Best Beaches in New Hampshire

I may be biased, since I’ve been here my entire life, but New England is the best place to live. New Englanders are no strangers to the beauty of every season; between the vibrant foliage in the fall, snow covered fields in the winter, bright blooms of spring, and the warm rays of summer- we have it all! On top of enjoying the fruits of each season, we also have all sorts of landscapes in our backyard. Cityscapes, mountain views, and coastal living are easy to access from most points in the region making for great day trips. As you could have guessed based on my Instagram, one of my favorite locations in New England is any place with a beach. In particular the 18 miles of New Hampshire shoreline has a special place in my heart. Most of my summers growing up were spent here with family. Due to that, I could talk anyone’s ear off about the best beaches around from Seabrook to Rye and give recommendations depending on what you’re looking for out of a fun day in the sun. Read on and find your perfect beach fit:

Seabrook Beach
This beach I’d say is one for the locals. Due to permit parking and private access at parts by waterfront properties, the majority of this beach is generally very quiet. Unless you go to the area that it open to the public (and even then there’s limited parking thus a limited crowd), finding a spacious place to post up is generally never an issue. This beach is very long and technically falls in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. It goes from Seabrook to Salisbury. Due to this, it’s a great place to have those long walks on the beach. Plus, there are great jetties to explore at the end!

Hampton Beach
Happy Hampton is the most crowded of all the beaches. It has the most public parking available and attracts people from many states with its deep sandy shore and quick access to all sorts of shops, changing and bathrooms, and commercial properties. With a short walk from the ocean across 1A you can find yourself at an arcade, bar, or even a concert! Arguably the most fun beach to be at if you enjoy more than just soaking up the sun, and want to get the full coastal living experience. Plus, every Wednesday night they have fireworks!

(In between Hampton Beach and Jenness are a few odd beaches here and there, like North Hampton State Beach and The Wall; however I don’t know too much about these and wouldn’t necessarily recommend them to spend hours at. Nice to stop by on route to elsewhere! Big fan of buying Tripoli pizza and posting up on The Wall.)

Jenness State Beach
This beach is my new favorite as of last summer. Moving up from Seabrook through Hampton and North Hampton, you’ll then end up in Rye, which is where Jenness resides. This beach to me is a great balance between Seabrook and Hampton. It offers a quieter experience, a long stretch of beach, while having the amenities of a bathroom and changing room, as well as a smaller parking lot and plenty of parallel parking on the road.

Wallis Sands
Wallis Sands is similar to Jenness in the fact that it isn’t as bustling as Hampton. This beach is smaller than Jenness and is adjacent to a private beach, so it tends to feel more crowded, though. Of any of the Rye Beaches, the most parking spaces are available here. There are also picnic tables scattered around making for a fun full day at the beach!

Odiorne Point State Park
This location is more of a park than a beach. At this location are trails in the woods to explore, the Seacoast Science Center, a historic site, and a playground. There isn’t a typical sandy shore. During low tide you can adventure down the all-rock shore to scope out pools of sea creatures, find gorgeous shells, and bits of sea glass, though! That’s one of my favorite parts of this beach. When I’m in the mood to be adventurous and active, I like stopping by here. Plus, down the road/trails you can see a gorgeous view of Wentworth by the Sea.

Have you visited any of the New Hampshire beaches?



  1. I've never visited New Hampshire but I'd love to. It must be a beautiful place

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