A Mild Winter

This winter has been somewhat of a shock to the system, but not in the sense that we're accustom to  here in New England. It's been shocking due to the lack of bitterly cold temperatures. Initially this season kicked off early with frigid temps and snow; however lately we've had quite a few mild days. I can't really complain, though, as I certainly prefer the warmer temps!

On my winter break from college, rather than skiing it seems I've been swapping a lot of days for strolls about town. Just a few days ago I swung over to Portsmouth for a bit of shopping and time outdoors, and it was simply lovely. Instead of layering up, I was able to sport this simple burgundy top from Talbots, black jeans, and my jacket/scarf combo. Though I wouldn't mind a few snow days here and there, since it'd be nice to hit the slopes on fresh powder at some point!

How's the weather where you are?