A Grey Day in Newport

One of the best parts of New England is the accessibility to all sorts of adventures. That is why when my good friend from abroad visited, we made our way from New Hampshire down to Newport, Rhode Island. Despite the grey misty day, we took the two and a half hour drive to this coastal city. 

Newport is rich with history. From the old downtown to museums to the Gilded Age mansions, there is plenty to do and experience. Luckily, even if the weather is less than favorable, there is plenty to do indoors. After purchasing our student membership tickets, we made our way to the mansions. We went to Marble House, Rosecliff, The Breakers, Chateau-sur-Mer, and The Elms. During the self-guided tours it is hard not to marvel at the Gatsby-esque architectural details and stories about the people that lived in these homes.

These lavish "summer cottages" are nothing short of striking. The ballrooms, grand staircases, and breathtaking ocean views are pure magic. It makes my heart soar knowing these architectural treasures are being preserved and maintained by the Preservation Society. For years to come, many are able to cherish these properties and get a glimpse into what life was like back in the Gilded Age. Best yet, for many New Englanders, this is practically in our backyards and can certainly be a memorable day trip!

I for one cannot wait for my next visit to Newport! Next time, I hope to go on the Servant's Life tour and truly see how the magic was made by the many hard working individuals in these mansions.  Ideally, the weather will be better for walking around downtown next visit, too. Regardless, each trip to Newport brings a new element of learning and something new to see! Would anyone like to see a travel guide for Newport?


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