New England Day Trip Destinations for Fall


This fall will undoubtedly look different than previous years. We are still in the midst of a global pandemic, of which the effects will almost certainly extend well beyond this year. Perhaps to say it's "different" is an understatement. At least one constant is that the leaves will change and the air will become crisp. That transition is certainly welcome. It will add an extra bit of coziness to staying home.

I've been 100% ok with staying home as much as humanly possible, but I'd be lying if I said I still didn't have that itch to travel. For a wanderers' spirit, it's hard not to feel restless (though I think many are feeling restless right now). Even so, I made sure to cancel travel plans and follow guideline. While disappointing, sure, it's but a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of it all that will help keep others safe.

Lately, we have been seeing restrictions and guidelines lessen, for better or for worse. Due to this, travel has become a bit more feasible. Personally, I am still all about limiting exposure and not going "back to normal." It is still so important to socially distancing and minimize outings. However, I do think there's a safe way to go about it by heeding guidelines from professionals and keeping up with state restrictions. The CDC has a great resource here about travel during this time. 

Without anymore rambling, check out these day trip destinations!

White Mountain - New Hampshire
I have to kick this off this list with my home state of New Hampshire. New England is known for the foliage and gorgeous scenery, but I'd have to say New Hampshire takes the top spot (but maybe I'm biased 😉). No matter what part of the state you're in, whether it's up north, the lakes region, or coast; autumn transforms the state into something out a Norman Rockwell painting. 

One area in particular that is exceptional is the White Mountains National Forest. Tourists flock to the greater-Lincoln area for stunning hikes, a meandering drive on the Kangamagus, and to poke around adorable downtowns. Some of my favorite towns to explore in the area are Conway and North Conway. 

On my YouTube channel, I have a vlog from my trip last fall. Check it out for some fun activities!

Kennebunkport, Maine
Ah yes, my favorite town ever. This adorable town is so wonderful year round. Despite it being a coastal town, not everything closes up after the summer season. There are still plenty of shops and restaurants open in and around Kennebunkport to enjoy. Mainly I visit to simply walk around and take in the charm of this quaint town. What better combination than stunning views of the sea and fiery leaves speckled between some of the most beautiful homes? 

For a blog post all about Kennebunkport, click here!

Burlington, Vermont
Now for our neighbor to the west. I don't visit Vermont terribly often and haven't explored much beyond a few towns, but each time I go I fall in love with the state a bit more. One area in particular that I've enjoyed exploring is the greater-Burlington area. I could totally see myself living here one day. There's so much to do year round, but it is especially nice in the fall. It has such a fresh and relaxing vibe. There's loads to do between outdoor activities, shopping, good eats, antiquing, and museums. 

I have a blog post about a weekend trip to Burlington, VT, which you can read here!

Newburyport, Massachusetts
If you also appreciate the coastal autumnal combo, Newburyport is the place to be. A bit more bustling than Kennebunkport in the off season, Newburyport is more of a year-round town. The downtown is quite expansive with few chains and a lot of local shops to enjoy. This is yet another town I just love roaming around. Can you sense a theme with my autumn activities? I'm more of the "walking around cute villages than hiking steep mountains" kinda gal.

Litchfield, Connecticut
My trips to Connecticut are few and far between. From what I have seen in person and on Instagram, there are so many lovely spots in this state. One area I took a day trip to was Litchfield. Now this town is picturesque! It has the cutest row of shops just on the edge of the town green. Not too far away, there are quite a few walking trails to enjoy, as well! 

Newport, Rhode Island
In full transparency, I haven't been to Newport during the fall, but I imagine it'd be very enjoyable. Crisp air with the slightest hint of sea salt paired with a hot apple cider to sip while walking around sounds heavenly. No doubt all of the mansions would look gorgeous against the colorful leaves. I really ought to visit Rhode Island more...

Here's a blog post from one of my visits!

Do you have a favorite day trip destination in the fall?