Old Navy Grandmillennial Finds


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I am on a Grandmillennial post kick! It's been so fun scouring for pieces, both clothes and decor, suited for this style and sharing them online. It has provided a new sense of community with likeminded people drawn to this "new traditional" preppy style and has given me a refreshing new path to venture down with content, seemingly much more aligned to my own personal style. Funny how a simple term can provide a bit of purpose and focus.

Now these "grandmillennial" pieces are really just fresh preppy bits with an ode to blue and white (of course). Old Navy is a great place to look for these sorts of pieces at a reasonable price point. With that and the quality, I've been a longtime fan of this brand. Plus, they seem to suit my curvy shape in a way that always makes me feel beautiful and confident! Here are some of the pieces I've been coveting lately:

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