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On my radar for this week:

1. Port City Pretzels- A local brand based in Portsmouth. It's a women owned, kick ass business with literally the best frickin pretzels. The ranch dill ones are honestly irresistible. I could munch on them endlessly as I study. Want to try them? Check them out here.

2. Golden Cod Necklace- A find from another local biz. This necklace is adorable. If you bebop around the north shore, particularly Marblehead, you may have seen golden cod fish mounted above or to the side of front doors. It has become a tradition of sorts in these coastal communities to have them on display- the sacred cod. Cod fishing was one of the industries that built the Commonwealth's wealth and is very much intertwined with Massachusetts history. These little cod fish are a nod to that. 

3. Quince Cashmere Sweaters- Has anyone else seen these all over social media? I've yet to purchase one, but they look soooo nice. And that price? For cashmere?!! Amazing. I think I may have to give this brand a try. If you’ve purchased from them- thoughts? Opinions?

4. Blue & White Plant Markers- If you've been around a minute, you'll know I love gardening. When I stumbled across these markers on Etsy, I was immediately obsessed. Sadly they were out of stock when I first saw them, but they're back in!! I ordered three- basil, chives, & mint. These will be fab in my raised bed. 

5. Lemon Blueberry Mousse Cake- I am in the summer mindset. Bring on all things citrus and fruity. Given that, naturally I've been scouring the web for sweet summery treats and found this one on Delish... and it looks absolutely delish! I love mousses. Add blueberry AND lemon? Sounds perfect! Those two fruits together are a winning combo.

Bonus: This Limoncello LaCroix. I was watching a vlog and someone was drinking this and now I want some. May be the best flavor tbh.

What's on your radar for the week? 



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