Molly McIntire The American Girl Doll Costume

Happy Halloween and happy Sunday! This Halloweekend has been a fun one with a few parties in the calendar. Sadly, one was cancelled last-minute meaning I had nowhere to wear this costume to... sad! Yes, I was going to go as Molly McIntire the American Girl Doll. Molly McAndrews goes as Molly McIntire... fitting. Perhaps I'll store this away from next year and Molly can make an appearance then!

Sweater | Skirt | Beret | Locket | Collar | Socks | Shoes | Ribbon

In terms of how this costume came to be, it was born out of a desire to wear my glasses with a costume. These round glasses are my everyday ones, so I thought up different characters that sported similar ones, A nurse from Call the Midwife and Miss Molly here were the first to come to mind! 

Ultimately, I went for Molly, as it's very nostalgic. Plus, Stoney Clover Lane and American Girl came out with some bags geared towards adults, which has resurfaced the joy AG once brought me long ago! PS That's definitely a great gift idea for those preppy grandmillennial gals in your life. Check them out here:

Anyway, this outfit was super simple and incorporated quite a few pieces I already own, like the beret, socks, collar, locket, glasses, and skirt. This costume was included in this post here, as it can definitely be a budget-friendly last-minute one. Bookmark this for next year!

What's your costume this year?



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