Crafting a Beautiful Life

My mission this year is to craft a beautiful life. Through style, design, hobbies, connections, and experiences. 

The thing is about beauty is that it can take many forms in both the tangible and intangible. I've always been of the belief that the most potent forms of beauty manifest in the unseen. The same would go for searching and creating beauty in life. 

When I think of crafting a beautiful life, I think of energy, experiences, emotions... Sure there are many visually aesthetic and beautiful things in this world, but that beautiful energy we may experience and feel from time to time is unmatched. Those moments of peace, laughter, kindness, love, and joy is where beauty buds. 

I've found that in order to truly find and create the beauty, its more so about seeking out joy with a grateful heart. Its about being gracious and grateful, intentional about the energy we’re surrounded with, and the perspective we maintain each day. To have a beautiful life means being able to find the joy in each day. From that joy we sow, beauty always blossoms. 

Join me on this journey of crafting a beautiful life. 

 How do you craft a beautiful life?



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