e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit

Before I get into the review of this product, I just want to apologize for the inconsistency of my posting already! With time I will figure out where blogging can fit into my busy schedule. Nonetheless, I will try my best to come up with decent content daily; however if I'm lacking inspiration or feel as though a post is too forced, like yesterday, I will refrain from posting in efforts to retain some standard on le old blog here. Anyway, onto the review.

The e.l.f Eyebrow Kit is a product I've used everyday for the past two and a half years. Back in the day I was on the hunt for a cheap alternative to an Anastasia brow kit and lo and behold, naturally I found such a product at Target. At a mere $3 I found the ideal eyebrow product that lasts and gets my brows looking fab for around three months on just one kit... Talk about a bang for your buck! 

This product is a dual kit containing a defining gel and fill-in powder. Also, included is a tiny brush. Though I prefer my own brushes, this little one comes in handy for small corrections. Overall this product is great; especially for quick fixes. Over plucked? Pop on a bit of gel or build it up to give the illusion of  more hairs. If you naturally have thin sparse brows, like myself, having a product such as this one is essential because it gives them more life and definition.

For myself, I only ever use the gel due to color match (shade: medium) to my hair, as opposed to the powder which has  a reddish undertone. Plus, I find the gel a sufficient enough filler to improve the presence of my brows; especially since it is buildable for those inconsistent patches. Even built up, this brow product doesn't feel caked on ever. This paired with a tinted brow gel is weightless and stays on all day, wet or dry.

The e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit is definitely a product I recommend. I've been using it for years, so of course I like it! Stay tuned for a brow routine post and/or video, showing you how I use this product and do my brows. In the meantime, check out my Instagram or any other social media for pics of my face... 10/10 my brows have this gel in them. :)

What is your go-to brow product at the moment?



  1. lovely review molly i have seen this quite a few times but i was scred to try it not knowing if it worked well thanks for this review

  2. this looks so good yet so affordable! too bad elf isnt readily available here in the UK
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. This looks so good! I love ELF so much, their brushes are amazing and their setting powder is just heaven!
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  4. Lovely review! :)
    I just followed you btw!

    The beauty digger


  5. I understand the struggle of trying to keep up with a blog and working full time. This product looks great!

    Love your blog!
    Natalie | madeinchina91.blogspot.co.uk