Spring Fever

The weather in New England has been wacky lately. One day it’s beautiful out and in the 60s; next it’s snowing, like today. This constant back and forth keeps toying with my mood. More than anything at the moment I’m yearning for that consistently nice weather. And lacking it has left me feeling restless, and we all know what restlessness means around this time of year- Spring Fever. These past few weeks the Fever has been running rampant campus-wide. Everyone around is showing symptoms; myself being no exception. Due to this I want to share a few remedies, in case you, too, have come down with Spring Fever.

-Urges to 
    -frolic in a field 
    -eat lighter & clean 
    -go outside 
    -get up earlier & sleep less 
    -plant a garden 
-Sudden smiling & spurts of happiness 

Clean everything- windows, a closet, your face, etc. Each day build in a task or two, and soon you will feel as fresh as your surroundings. 

Get Out 
Be it a spontaneous trip somewhere or simply getting out in the sun, spend time away from where you typically were during winter. A change in scenery is always a surefire way to change your outlook… literally! 

Prioritize Whole-Body Wellness
By taking care of your physical and mental wellness, this will radiate throughout your days with how you present yourself and how you live. So find a fitness routine, eat better, drink more tea, color, craft. Do what you need to do to feel like the best version of yourself!

Get out there and live life! Turn dreams into plans and work towards accomplishing them. Been wanting to fine-tune that fitness routine and diet? Decide your course of action and pursue it. 

Bonus: Buy plants… because plants are awesome. :P

Are you suffering from Spring Fever, as well?



  1. Love this post, Moll! I have definitely been on a cleaning kick! I've been organizing my makeup drawers and clothing drawers insanely. Next weekend I'm cleaning out my desk! Lovely post! xx


  2. These are great tips we are currently in Autumn Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Nice tips! :)

  4. Wonderful post Molly! I am 100% suffering from a terrible case of spring fever. There was just a blizzard where I live and it is totally awful. I just want to see the grass again!! *digs through the snow until I can see a tiny patch of brown grass*

  5. The weather here has been a bit crazy as well. We'll get one of two days of warm weather and then back to cold. Such a tease!

  6. Love these, Need to try! and I love your blog! just followed it

  7. Oh, right! Buy plants especially flowers is awesome! And since there's no spring in my country, so there's no different here and I can't feel the Spring fever :) By the way, would you like to follow each other's blog? Please let me know :)



  8. yup i am, too bad London isnt helping with this crappy weather :/
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  9. Lovely tips Molly
    have a great week

  10. Nice post Molly! Definitely suffering from some of these symptoms aha xx