On My Radar

These last few weeks I've been enjoying time away from social media. This time away has allowed me to focus on activities and moments that bring joy. It's very much been a chance to focus on hygge. Not familiar with hygge? Check out this wintery post!

Essentially hygge is the Danish practice of enjoying life's simple pleasures. It puts an emphasis and importance on things no matter how small. In essence, that is why I enjoy sharing these "On My Radar" posts. It is a way to share my joy with you!

Audible & Sanditon
This first point is a two for one! Naturally, as a fan of Ms Austen's work, I had to pickup a copy of one of the stories I hadn't read. Though it was an unfinished work by Austen, it is arguably one of my favorites. Charlotte is such a lovable outspoken gal who we get to see navigate the seaside resort of Sanditon. Of course it wouldn't be an Austen novel without drama, romance, and wit. From this introduction via paperback, I ended up watching the PBS show (I so hope they come out with another season) and used my free trial for Audible to download the book for car rides.

I am beyond happy I finally took the plunge to get into audiobooks. For the longest time, I had difficulty reading for pleasure, as school put a bit of damper on the fun of it. Audiobooks have been a great bridge to consuming more stories again, and I get to listen to books while driving... how amazing?!

Silk Scarves
Every now and then I experience a desire to have more vintage vibes. Mainly it's a desire to incorporate timeless fashion into everyday wear. One way I've been enjoying incorporating vintage fashion into my wardrobe is through silk scarves! I only have a few, but they can be styled in endless ways and they are just darling! On my TikTok (@sincerelymolly), I share five ways I style mine if you're looking for some inspo.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll know I've been on a Duolingo kick lately! Currently, I have a 133 day streak on the app where I practice French every single day. Generally, I challenge myself to practice for at least 10 minutes a day. It has become such a joyful ritual that I look forward to each morning. I wake up, stretch a bit, make a cup of coffee, and begin my French lesson. This program is truly phenomenal and such a fun way to learn. It wasn't until I started reading short stories on there that I realized how much I've picked up. Would recommend if you're looking to learn a language!

Chanel N°5
Ah yes, this classic scent. Many are big fans, while others... are not. I fall into the category of appreciating this perfume. While it has a bit of granny scent to it, it is the type of smell that evokes memories. Perhaps it's because my grandmother used it, but it has a familiar and warm smell. I just love the look of the glassware, too; especially in a flat lay!

Warby Parker
I did end up taking the plunge and purchasing a pair of glasses online from Warby Parker (much to my ophthalmologist's dismay). Boy am I glad I did! I've had them since before the pandemic and they've gotten a lot of use. Rarely do I wear contacts anymore and my eyes certainly appreciate it; especially with the blue light filter built in. I can definitely tell the difference and feel less fatigued after a long day of work on the computer. These frames just fit so nicely and feel great throughout long stretches of time. In case you're considering buying from this brand, I have an in-depth video on my YouTube channel, which covers the try-on and purchasing process!

What's on your radar lately?