Favorite Rainy Day Activities

The last few days here in New Hampshire, we've had much needed rain. Having faced a relatively dry summer thus far, sporadic downpours were certainly welcome. Apart from overcast skies, the weather  seems to be improving; however, I'm still taking time to enjoy some favorite rainy day activities.

I'm sure many of us at this point are no strangers to making the most of time spent indoors due to quarantine. With plenty of time to try various hobbies and past-times, I've refined my list of indoor activities great for both quarantine and grey days. During this time, I am focusing on the things I can do. From enjoying audio books on Audible (a recent subscription), to practicing French, DIYs of course, and even wine tastings; I am making the most of them all. They all bring me a lot of joy to boot!

What are some of your favorite rainy day/indoor activities?