DIY | 3 Blue & White Pumpkins

Bring on the fall crafts! As the days become cooler and the leaves become more colorful, I can't help but dive headfirst into all things homey and crafty. There's just something about this time of year where it's even more enjoyable to create and be hands-on. Perhaps it's the longer days spent indoors or the overall cozier atmosphere. Either way, my creative juices are flowing, and poured out onto these pumpkins!

Gingham Pumpkin

Materials: Large Pumpkin, Paint, Sponge Brushes

1. Begin by painting 1.5", light blue, horizontal stripes on the pumpkin. The pattern should be as follows; white stripe, blue, white, etc. With acrylic paint, it will take 2-3 layers to become opaque.  Once that dries, apply vertical stripes following the same process.

2. Mix the light blue paint with a bit of black and grey paint to create a darker shade. Apply that to the intersection points to create the illusion of overlapping.  

Chinoiserie Pumpkin

Materials: Medium Pumpkin, Napkins, Mod Podge, Sponge Brush

1. Apply a light layer of mod podge to the pumpkin. Separate the layers of the napkin and trim around the desired design. Place the patterned piece on the pumpkin. 

2. With a sponge brush, dab mod podge along the surface to secure the napkin and shape it to the pumpkin. Avoid brush strokes to prevent tears. Apply small sections of the pattern at a time, aligning the design along the way. This will reduce wrinkling.

Marbled Pumpkin

Materials: Small Pumpkins, Nail Polish

1. In a bowl, add warm water. Add a few drops of blue nail polish. This should disperse on the surface of the water. 

2. Quickly stir the polish with a toothpick to create a swirling pattern. Dip the pumpkin in and roll to apply the polish. Let air dry.

This list ranges from most time consuming to least. Each of these pumpkins are relatively straightforward and all very fun to make!

Which is your favorite? 



  1. These are so cute, Molly! What a coincidence that I bought supplies to do this too! I hope mine look as good as yours :) Happy fall, girly!


  2. too cute . I like that you went all out with a color no-one would imagine for Autumn and it still work.