Gift Guide for Jane Austen Fans

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a individual who enjoys "Pride & Prejudice" will end up becoming a fan of Jane Austen. Even little exposure to the headstrong witty protagonists is enough to become absorbed in these classics. As a fan myself, I've had my eye on a few bits that pay homage to one of the greatest authors. No doubt these gifts would be suitable for any JA lover.

"Jane Was Here" Book

This spectacular book details Austen's England. With the most gorgeous illustrations, it touches upon locations, styles, and habits of the time. I'm a bit obsessed with it.

Pemberley Candle 

The description of this scent sounds absolutely divine. Along with a cute label, I love the amber colored glass jar. It gives me dark academia vibes!

Phone Case

This style of art is too cute and looks so fabulous on a phone case. If I saw someone with a case like this, no doubt I'd strike up a conversation with them to gush about Ms. Austen.


These sweet silhouettes are classy and understated. The color and size make them wonderfully delicate and suitable for daily wear.


The quote on these socks says it all... there truly is no enjoyment like reading! Cozy up in this pair of socks and crack open your favorite book!


Similar to the "Jane Was Here" book, this map details significant locations in the world of Austen, such as where certain novels were published. How cool is that?!


Now this is a sweatshirt I wouldn't want to take off. Proudly represent Pemberley!


Silhouette | Book | Pemberley

I feel like I need to start a pin collection to give me an excuse to buy these. Aren't they so pretty? I especially like the color of the book pin.


This may or not be in my shopping cart. As soon as I saw this mug, I knew I had to have it. 1). Mrs. Bennet is iconic. 2). I'm constantly anxious, so this is fitting lol

Book Set

On the pricier side, gifting the entire collection of Austen's works would be a very thoughtful present. There's just something about having a hardcover cohesive set of books...

What's on your wishlist?


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  1. Oh my God! I love all of this. Jane Austen really is an inspiration