Top Advent Calendars for 2020


Is it too early for holiday content? Maybe. Am I oh so ready for the countdown to Christmas? Absolutely. Many look forward to and participate in the traditions of advent. While it has religious connections, advent calendars have become popular beyond that scope and are very much a fun and festive activity for anyone to enjoy! There are loads on the market- from the classic chocolate filled ones to ones with beauty products and more. They end up creating a special moment to look forward to each day, and in some instances yield little goodies!

Quite a few have caught my eye this year and luckily each would double as some cute holiday decor!

Lindt's Classic Santa Advent Calendar

Truly a classic. 

An advent calendar of chocolate is a must; especially one filled with Lindt's delicious chocolates. What I love about this one is that it not only has the truffles, but the Santas and snowmen, which are some of my favorites. Who wouldn't want to get a delicious piece of chocolate each day?

Bonne Maman's 2020 Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is my jam! As you can tell by the first photo, I've already ordered and received this advent calendar. It is filled with so many delicious jam flavors, many of which I am excited to try for the first time. No doubt there will be plenty of toast and many delicious jam-filled pastries in my near future.

Popcorn Advent Calendar

If you or a loved one is a big fan of popcorn, have a look at this advent calendar! Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks, so I certainly wouldn't complain if I got to try a new flavor each day. The flavors include salted caramel, raspberry cheesecake, and more! And how adorable is this packaging, too?!

QVC's Vintage Wine Estate's Advent Calendar

*A taste of the holidays* 

Now this is my kind of way to enjoy the holidays. Try a new wine for 12 days in a row? Sign me up. This sort of concept could totally be DIY-ed and gifted to your favorite wine-o. 

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Thank YOU, William & Sonoma, for bringing us this advent calendar. For us HP fans, this is such a fun idea. This calendar not only includes Bertie Bott's beans, but includes other candies, like gummy slugs. To be honest, I am so tempted to order this advent  calendar. Harry Potter makes me feel so nostalgic from reading the books and watching all to the films once upon a time. I especially enjoy plunging into the wizarding world around Christmas time.

Charlotte Tilbury Bejeweled Chest 

How gorgeous is this advent "chest?" Charlotte Tilbury seems to never miss the mark with their packaging, and that is certainly the case with this advent calendar. In case Charlotte Tilbury isn't for you, many large beauty brands offer their own advent calendars this season, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those!

Liberty London Beauty Advent Calendar

If I'm honest, I'm not too familiar with this company, but this advent calendar is too adorable not to include! There are a variety of products and brands included, which is great for sampling. Perhaps a good choice for a lover of beauty products that doesn't have a specific brand they would want to dedicate an entire calendar to? 

Coloring Book Advent Calendar

Perfect for all ages and artistic ability, this coloring book is a unique spin on the advent calendar concept. Take a moment each day and enjoy bringing a picture to life. This sort of calendar can double as a hobby or even the art of practicing mindfulness, don't you think?

West Elm Wooden Tree Advent Calendar

This natural wood calendar gives me minimalist scandinavian vibes. It is crisp and fresh with a pop of texture and color. The benefit to this advent calendar is that it can be filled with a number of bits and pieces and be completely customized. Fancy sweets? Add those to each drawer. Are you just dazzled over jewelry? Have an assortment of accessories randomly scattered about.

Have you picked out an advent calendar?


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  1. The Bonne Maman's 2020 Advent Calendar is so cute and a good idea for grandparents I think! I got myself my first beauty advent calendar from ASOS this year as it was in the sale in the 20% off so seemed a good deal! xx