A Grandmillennial Bedroom


Have you heard of the "grandmillennial" interior design style? I hadn't until a few months ago when scrolling though Pinterest.  Once I stumbled across it, it felt as though I had uncovered a way to define my personal style. Somehow my vision for what I wish to achieve in my own space became clearer.

I saw a lot of elements in my personal style represented in this aesthetic. Some say it's granny chic, but I believe it to be an ode to old world influences. In some ways, it's a nod to heirloom pieces or sustainably sourced antiques given a new life. With a penchant for chinoiserie and all things blue and white, how could I not like this style?

With these traditional and timeless touches comes a balance with modern shapes, form, and practicality. There are elements of French style to it between decor, patterns, and shapes, as well as a countryside flair. What I love about this style is that it can be very cozy with loads of pieces and patterns around, but it can also be pared down to take on a more modern look- the latter being my own preference. 

Unknowingly, several pieces above, or ones similar to them, have made there way into my own shopping cart since moving. After stepping back and looking at them, it dawned on me that these pieces would create a serene grandmillennial bedroom. Just image these pieces against wood floors and a cream woven wallpaper... absolutely dreamy! 

Shop this look below!

Curtains | Headboard | Nightstand | Comforter | Green Pillows

Patterned Pillow | Lamp | Blue & White Stool | Frame | Dresser 

Jute Rug | Oriental Rug | Sculpture | Throw Blanket 

Have you heard of this style? How would you describe your personal style?