Where to Find Temporary Peel and Stick Wallpaper

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The other day, I posted a TikTok about boho Victorian interior design. To my surprise, it seems to be an aesthetic that resonates well with many. Perhaps it's the vibrant deep hues or cozy details that make it so alluring... I know I'm drawn to it! On that video, there were a few comments and questions centered around wallpaper. Where to buy rolls under $200? What stores sell peel and stick options? Considering wallpaper is a consistent element throughout Victorian interiors, the questions certainly make sense, and I'm happy to share a few shops that have options. As wallpaper increasingly becomes more trendy, I suspect more shops will offer this sort of product!

As a heads up, the cost of wallpaper adds up quite quickly with the number of rolls needed; even temporary peel and stick options. Luckily, there are sites to shop with better deals than other. Below are a few! 

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Spoonflower has been on my radar for quite some time. I have purchased fabric from a number of shops on there and have been pleased with the quality; however, I haven't tried the wallpaper myself. I have a few samples on their way, though, so I should have more insight soon! There are countless designs available on the site by numerous shops. From more eclectic patterns, modern ones, and historic prints, there are all sorts to discover. They even offer woven peel and stick wallpaper! That 2' x 9' removable wallpaper starts at $72 per roll.


Similar to Spoonflower, there are loads of shops to explore on Etsy. Quite a few offer peel and stick options at a reasonable price. The prices vary on Esty, but there are some decent deals to be had. As individual shops are responsible for the making and distributing of the product, I would recommend referencing reviews; especially if you are looking for an option that won't damage walls.

PS The shop Wallpaperie has some really lovely designs!


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There are a variety of designs available on Amazon. I particularly like some of the damasks and floral prints available. Like Etsy, prices vary and it is best to read reviews. As with buying anything online, reviews are incredibly useful. Some of the price points may seem promising (I've seen rolls of wallpaper starting at $12!), but reviews are crucial to better assess the quality. For the temporary options, say for an apartment, ya don't want glue residue everywhere and chipped paint, nor would you want wallpaper that peels off on its own. Read those reviews and happy browsing!

Carter + Main

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This brand aims to offer stylish products at a reasonable price, and that is certainly reflected in their wallpaper options. They offer so many lovely designs and ones that offer modern twists on historic styles. The wallpaper is also eco-friendly and seems pretty straightforward to install! I may have to order a few samples from here, as well...


To my surprise, Target has quite a few removable wallpaper options. There are a number of brands that sell their wallpapers through Target, like RoomMates, Tempaper, and NuWallpaper. A roll of this pink one by Tempaper starts at just under $33. As with the other sites, read through the reviews and enjoy looking through all of the designs!


Anthro has a few removable panel options. I've found their designs to be fun and playful. Several have timeless patterns paired with bright colors. A removable panel of this blue wallpaper is priced at $58.

What do you think of wallpaper? How about a temporary option?


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