Budget-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a week away and if you're anything like me, you're trying to think of a last-minute costume. I always wait until the last minute to pull together a Halloween garb despite some of our friends hosting annual parties... I never seem to give myself enough planning and prep! That's just how it is with me lol 

It does force me to get crafty and creative when pulling together a costume, though. Typically I draw from what's in my wardrobe and maybe buy a few things to finish out the look. It's better for my wallet and the earth this way anyway haha

This year I am going as Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's." The items I am using are shown in the graphics. This ode to Audrey was born out of nowhere. I've had the eye mask for some time and while looking at it in my room, a light bulb went off. I realized that could be a very simple, but easy to identify costume! With an oversized button down from my boyfriend or my own paired with some leggings topped off with some tassel earrings, I'd be transformed in Miss Golightly.

Sometimes costumes can be that easy. With key accessories paired with ones within the wardrobe, we can be transformed into various characters. Some of these costumes have overlap with items needed, which is ideal if you have multiple parties, or simply want inspo for future years!

Eye Mask | Earrings | Shirt Dress | Leggings | Trench Coat | Slippers

Rory Gilmore "Gilmore Girls"/Mia Thermopolis "Princess Diaries" Costume

Uniform #1

Blazer | Button Down Shirt | Skirt | Socks | Shoes | Bowtie | Mug

Uniform #2

Button Down | Sweater Vest | Skirt | Socks | Shoes

Sweater | Skirt | Beret | Locket | Collar | Socks | Shoes | Ribbon

Jacket | Shirt | Skirt | Scarf | Boots | Book

Dress | Tiara | Sash | Boots                                   Dress | Hat | Scarf | Socks | Shoes

Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Wings | Wand | Slippers           Tutu | Leotard | Wings | Tights | Flats

What are you being for Halloween?



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