Where to Find Free Art Using the Public Domain


Over on TikTok, I shared a decorating tip for sourcing free or very low cost wall art using the public domain. This trick has been well received and I'm so glad to have shared it! It's saved me so much money over the years. 

Please note, I am not an expert at copyright or intellectual property law. My understanding is that the public domain is work without restrictions that can be reused and remixed freely. For more, check out the Creative Commons. It's a great resource! Always check for the appropriate attribute regarding a work being in the public domain or not. Advanced Searches on these sites often have a box to check off to view open access art or ones without copyright restrictions.

I have compiled a list of museum collections I have enjoyed combing through over the years, and thought I share here! They're fun to browse, and offer a great opportunity to curate your own gallery of sorts!

National Gallery of Art 


Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum 

Cleveland Museum of Art 

Yale University Art Gallery 


Victoria & Albert Museum


Paris Musée 

Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Yale Center for British Art 

Finnish National Gallery 

Wikimedia Commons 

National Museum in Warsaw

National Museum in Krakow 

Clark Art Institute 

Art Institute of Chicago 

Indianapolis Museum of Art 

J. Paul Getty Museum 

Saint Louis Art Museum 

BioDiversity Heritage Library

John James Audubon

Creative Commons

For more tips on this hack, check out my latest YouTube video!



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