New Arrivals at Target | Spring 2022

Target has done it again! Another fabulous collection.  The Spring 2022 collection is particularly appealing to me because it filled with pieces that match my style so well and that I view as timeless for my home. 

Typically I am not one to shop seasonal collections because I don't care for trends. Trends change so rapidly in this day and age and it simply isn't sustainable for the planet or my wallet to buy into them. Plus, I find much more joy in curating a collection from secondhand pieces and antiques. I'm definitely not one for "keeping up with the Joneses" with trends and prefer to stick to what I like... even if it isn't considered "stylish!" As such, I've curated a particular style with a very classic New England, slightly English and French countryside, and mildly traditional kinda vibe.

Every now and then, big box stores do have collections that partially match my style, so sometimes I am able to find pieces here and there. But this Target one really just hits the nail on the head! Target definitely  leaned into all things blue and white, pastels, gingham, florals, and rattan. There is a slight french country influence, with an overall bright and airy countryside feel, which is definitely in line with what I look for. Nothing is over the top, but there is some personality between patterns and textures. 

Maybe this means my personal style is becoming trendy haha Either way, here are some of my favorite finds from this collection!

Check out the scalloped dishes!! They remind me of the Lenox Perle ones.

What do you think of this collection?



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