The Liebster Award


 I'm finally getting around to posting one of these! Prior to the Liebster Award, I was nominated for the Sunshine and Versatile Blogger Awards. If I recall correctly, (which who knows because those were from months ago) I was nominated twice for each. I have all my answers for those on a piece of paper... that I lost... Whoops!! So rather than going chronologically and posting those first, I figured I'd do one of the Liebster Awards! ("Yeah, why not put them off even longer, Moll!")

I was nominated by the lovely Natalie Ann from Petal Poppet Blogs. Thank you once again! You're a doll!

Before I continue on, I was nominated for the Liebster Award 7 more times after Natalie Ann had nominated me. Firstly, THANK YOU!!! I'm both honoured and flattered. Secondly, I promise to complete all of them, but I'm going to somehow condense them...?? I don't want to bore you all by droning on and on about myself. Stay tuned for those if you're interested in getting to know me better, though! (Don't get sick of me!!)

♥Post eleven facts about yourself.
♥Answer eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you.
♥Nominate eleven blogs with fewer than 200 followers.
♥Link your nominees in the post.
♥Create eleven questions for your nominees.
♥Let your nominees know that you've tagged them! Remember: No tag backs!

11 Facts About Me:
1. I'm a super indecisive person (so as you can imagine, some of these questions were difficult to answer).
2. I own over 30 pairs of shoes. *slaps wrists*
3. Taped on one of the walls in my room are a bunch of fortune cookie fortunes.
4. I'm a self-taught pianist.
5. I have big blue eyes.
6. I'm ridiculously particular about my eyebrows.
7. I can't stand the smell or taste of cooked eggs.
8. I'm a hippie at heart; though I feel like that conflicts with the shopaholic within me. I just really love nature!
9. I'd much rather have a great experience over material possessions.
10. I love other eras. The Roaring 20's are pretty swell!
11. I'm a night owl.

Natalie Ann's Questions:
1. What is your favourite season and why?
Autumn. Autumn where I live is the epitome of what it should look like. Like most people who favour Autumn, the colours, smells, crispness to the air, and ability to wear a wide range of clothes really makes it for me. Plus, Halloween and Thanksgiving fall in Autumn. Who wouldn't like a chance to dress ridiculously and eat twice their weight in food?

2. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? 
*Unlimited wishes for my family and me.
*Three wishes for all of the good-hearted people in the world. (Think of the greatness that could spread all around the world! Talk about taking the pressure off of me and my use of wishes, and killing two birds with one stone.)
*Lastly, I'd wish for every sad person to get a balloon.

3. Why did you start blogging?
 I love writing and this is the perfect outlet to make my thoughts known without having fancy-shmancy connections. Honestly, I just love forming twenty six letters into a variety of words that I can arrange in a certain way to fashion fathomable musings.

4. Which other bloggers are you currently loving?
Before I started my blog, I loved This Fashion is Mine (and still do)! Since having been in the community for a while, I've been enjoying FashionGirl134's posts. She's an incredibly talented designer! 

5. What is one interesting fact about yourself?
I am extremely flexible and can put my feet behind my head.

6. If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
I'd say the UK, but I feel like that wouldn't be much of a change from America. That being said, I'd go to Germany! I'm learning German, so hopefully someday I will get to the point where I'm comfortable enough with the language to immerse myself in that country. The countryside, castles, and cities are beautiful in pictures, so I'm sure I'd be gaping in real life if I ever had the opportunity to visit. It's also rich in culture. Plus, I have a few friends out there that I'd like to see!

7. What is the one thing that you cannot live without?
Water, food, air...? haha Arghhh. I hate admitting this, but my phone. I'm a complete phone junkie- it's bad.

8. What is your favourite movie?
How about three? "Pride and Prejudice," "Bridget Jones's Diary," and "Love Actually."

9. What is your favourite song?
This is probably the hardest question. I don't necessarily have favourite songs; rather I have favourite bands or artists. There are songs I listen to on repeat. But this playlist constantly changes. 
Here are six examples:
"Fairytale" by Alex Preston
"Born to Die" by Lana Del Rey
"Skeletons" by Real Friends
"The Torment of Existence Weighed Against the Horror of Nonbeing" by Mayday Parade
"She Will Stay Beneath the Moon" by Adam Barnes
"Don't You Remember" by Adele

10. Describe yourself in one word.

11. What is your favourite childhood memory?
Each summer, my family and family friends rent cabins on a lake, so I have many many amazing memories from those trips. One that I'm particularly fond of was from when I was eleven. I got up at 6 am and went down to the dock to fish by myself. I'm a bit of a introvert, so I thrive off of the peace and quiet solitude has to offer. As the sun slowly rose, I stood there fishing. My bobber was as still as the water itself. Eventually my father walked down and joined me. We didn't talk, just fished. It was the type of understood silence, so it wasn't uncomfortable or empty. We're both people who are deep thinkers, so we let each other be, but still enjoyed the others' presence. It was simply nice.

My Questions:
1. What is your favourite quote?
2. Describe your dream holiday.
3. What does a typical day in your life look like?
4. What is your favourite topic to blog about?
5. Who is your biggest inspiration?
6. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
7. If money was not a factor, what would your dream job be?
8. If the sky's the limit, what would you do next?
9. What do you do in your spare time?
10. What do you feel are the best and worst aspects of blogging?
11. What quality do you appreciate most in a person?


Let me know when you've answered your questions! I can't wait to read them! :)

Have a lovely day and stay fabulous!!



  1. just done my questions! thanks so much for nominating me, it was a lot of fun :)


  2. Hi, thank you so much for nominating me! I enjoyed reading your post and enjoyed thinking about the questions you gave me so I hope you like to read my answers as well :)


  3. I also this song by Lana Del Rey ;) xoxo

  4. Aw thank you so much, that means a lot!

    1. You're welcome!! Thank you for being such a great blogger! :)

  5. thank you for commenting my blog.
    you have such a lovely blog!

    xoxo. T.

  6. Thank you soo much for nominating me!

    Mary x

    1. You're welcome! I can't wait to read your answers!

  7. Hi Molly!
    Thanks for viewing my blog,
    your blog is totes gorgeous! :)


  8. Awesome! Love hearing the answers:)

  9. Congrats molly! It's always nice getting to know other bloggers. I am a total night owl too!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

    1. Thank you! I love getting to know others, too!

  10. You posted a lovely comment on my post x I've followed you by the way and it would mean the world to me if you followed back :D

  11. are we the same person? you've answered your questions so similarly to mine - and i love your answers, especially your response to having three wishes: 'every sad person gets a balloon'; such a lovely thought! i'm totally torn between shopping and a hippy lifestyle too!

    Elena | A Style Shake


    1. Finally! Someone who understands me!!! hahah thank you, Elena!! :)

  12. Thank you so much Molly for the nomination!! I had a lot of fun doing it and cant wait to hear from other awesome bloggers. I also had a lot of fun answering your awesome questions. Here is my post on the award. Thank you again!

  13. I really enjoyed reading your answers! I am indecisive as well, it's a big problem some times, haha!


  14. My post is up :) Thank you for the nomination!

  15. It's been such a long time since I've been able to catch up on your blog and you've grown so much! Congrats on the nomination and I loved your answers!

    Sophie xxx