Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Rustic Princess

At the beginning of the summer, I had a discussion with a friend of mine over Starbucks regarding personal style. Her style is urban and indie; very much the "style" of tumblr. So basically the epitome of rad.

No matter how much I'd love to have this style, it just isn't me. I have a tendency to drift towards the vintage and classic style, so whenever I attempt to add this hipster vibe to my life, it feels forced. Despite my love for plants, like succulents, I much rather have a bouquet of carnations or peonies. Despite my love for alternative/indie music, my playlist always reverts back to soul and classical. Despite my desire to build a secluded cabin in the woods, I'd prefer to live in a historic British mansion with an expansive garden surrounded by forest. Despite my love for the city, I can envision myself living in the quaint countryside long-term.

I'm the girl who likes clean lines with delicate accents.
I'm the girl who'd love to sit in her garden in the morning enjoying a mocha frappuccino whilst being entranced in a book.
I'm the girl who wants everything to be bright "happy" colours, like yellows and pinks.
I'm the girl who wants everything to be adorned with lace.
I'm the girl who idolizes the poised and graceful Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Kate Middleton.
I'm the girl who prefers BBC period pieces and romance stories by Jane Austen over modern-day sitcoms.
I'm the girl who chooses to wear heels instead of sneakers.
I'm the girl who romanticizes everything, who writes down her thoughts in a journal, who swoons over dapper men, who invests in everything with all of her heart.
I am the girliest of girls, but I still manage to have the heart of a hippie.

That being said, we've concluded my personal style is a rustic princess look. Around the time of our conversation, I was getting quite tired of how my bedroom looked. It was very generic and not a place I wanted to been in by choice. My bedroom ended up becoming a project of mine this summer. I went through all of my possessions scattered about and got rid of anything that was irrelevant or that I had no use for. On top of that, I've slowly begun the process of filling my room with furniture and bits and bobs that I'd actually like to have in there. So here are a few additions!!


Bamboo, Cactus, & Succulent

Vintage Alarm Clock

Vintage Magazine Covers 

Ring Plate

I'm still not sure where I want this mirror, so for now it shall collect dust on the floor. Go me!

Necklace Holder
This necklace holder is a super simple DIY. I took a wooden rod and painted it white, put it through my shelf brackets, and hung the necklaces from it. I like the look of it and it's quite convenient, too!

Antique Dresser

Wish List

Vintage Vanity

Bed Frame

How would you describe your personal style?



  1. I love your dresser! And I'm a sucker for vintage clocks! :) Lovely post

  2. I love this post! The flowers and the dress especially! Your writing is inspiring also! -Evelyn

  3. This is such a lovely post! Glad to see I'm not the only weirdo that puts flowers in old drink bottles! :) It's important to have your own personal style and not follow what everybody else is doing! I love your writing style!

  4. love those vintage magazine covers!

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  5. Ok, I am officially in love with your room. I love this look! You are so creative. I have also tagged you for the Top Ten Tag. All the info is in my post:

  6. The ring plate and the vanity are my favorites! Good luck with your blog xx

  7. Lovely post and I love the photos too! My style has definitely changed I was never really into florals or anything too girly and now I love it! Abi :)

  8. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  9. need that vintage covers.
    lovely post :) xx

  10. What a lovely post--brimming with a value for self-authenticity! Loving your lovely pics! That antique dresser is priceless! :) T.

  11. Honestly rustic princess is a great style choice! I love the bed frame in the second last picture!

  12. OMG! Love every pic of this post!! Im looking for a bed frame and i dont find it in Mexio :(. you have a new follower, i’m following you via bloglovin and GFC 174 … Hope you can do the same :)
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  13. How creative, keeping flowers in water bottle. All things are adorable and classic.I especially liked the mirror and bed :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog
    I love your blog and I'm following you now.

  14. Beautiful pictures, very inspirational!


  15. Beautiful, the alarm clock and mirror are my favourite :P

    I'm following you now! :)


  16. i like the style youre going for here molly! similar things are also on my wishlist. i actually wanted to get that duvet from target but i went for the floral blue + pink one :)

  17. What a lovely post, excellent job :) I followed x

  18. On the first place I want to thank you that you find time to visit my blog :)
    I find out that article you wrote here is very true. Also I think only in our personal style, things we love, we can truly enjoy. In following trends, not. It is fine if some trend works for me, but if I don't like it , I don't want even to think about it.

  19. Your blog is stunning! I just found it through you leaving a comment over on my blog!

    Keep writing,

    Becca x

  20. Wow, those are such beautiful pieces, especially the mirror and cabinets! I love the mix between vintage and modern... so classy :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  21. Wonderful choice. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  22. Wonderful description of your style. I love the necklace hanging idea. Following.


  23. This is such a cool post, Molly. Love it!

  24. Love your mirror and fairy lights! The white dresser is beautiful! You can collect used jam jars and reuse it for flowers as well. They will look lovely :) Do you like scented candles? I think it goes well with your room and decor :) x

  25. love the plate of rings,beautiful dresser
    keep intouch

  26. Hi dear
    Nice details, so inspiring!
    Love the mirror and the flowers

  27. Hey, honey! What do you think about follow each other via bloglovin? If you want, just follow me there and I'll follow you back!

  28. I love the bed frame, it's a dream of mine since quiet some time, sadly it would took too much space of my room
    How about following each other on gfc? :)

  29. I often have a hard time defining my style as well haha it's so hard to just settle with one thing! Rustic Princess sounds so unique -- I'd love to see how you style outfits around that theme. Lovely post!


    Looks by Lau

  30. I actually love the way you display your necklaces!

  31. wow! Dolly furniture!

  32. I really love your style. I can't pull of most trends so stick with girly/floral/classic.

    I really like how you store your necklaces, very clever.

    Corinne x

  33. Great! I love that commode after diy. :)
    And I have to say to you that you can win some paints on my blog for free or you can order for you in vintage style. It's not expensive. :)


    Give away on my blog: :)

  34. I love your style, rustic princess is such a lovely way to describe it too! I think I'm slightly like your style too, but with a bit of grunge thrown in there too. I'm very partial to black and grey, ha!
    emmerliejay x

  35. thank you for your comment! Oh, we have a lot in common!!! Check out new post on my blog :)

  36. As it happens, I feel exactly like you. Don't change your style because you must please yourself in order to please others' eyes!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  37. Great post Molly

  38. Hi molly!!! Loveeee you blog gonna definately follow please dot the same back :)
    I would say a floral vintage easygoing daffodil is my style :) x

  39. I love your blog too !! Do you want to do a follow for a follow ??!x

  40. I also really really really want a vintage dresser much like the one pictured! But I can't afford it and I don't have any room for it :(

    Emma X

    1. The one I bought was actually $60 because I purchased it at a consignment shop. If you look around at several stores like that, I'm sure you'll find one that fits your price range and your room! :)