A change.

This year has been quite the whirlwind so far. Don't get me wrong, it's had many fantastic moments, but plenty of rough patches. From various problem spots, I yearned for some sort of change. My hair posed as a perfect outlet.

Feeling the need to change something was one of the reasons I dyed my hair, but frankly I just really wanted to. I can't tell you how long I wanted to have it done. Up until this point I was not content with my natural colour. There wasn't much warmth to it and I wasn't fond of the ashy blonde-brown undertones. It looked very drab. However, if I was exposed to bright natural light my hair would have a caramel ting to it, which I really liked. If only it were like that all of the time. *sigh* That is why I opted for a darker, richer tone.

For a while I was nervous about getting my hair done because of the harsh chemicals used. That being said, I had my hairdresser use a semi-permanent colouring since it isn't as damaging to the hair follicles as a permanent dye. Also, because I had it done at a salon, the quality of hair dye used is simply better than the boxed ones that can be store-bought. To Jen: You did a fantastic job, as always. Thank you!

Whilst snapping pictures of my hair, I took random shots, as well. Several of them I happen to like, so I figured why not include them in this post. :)

Parka: Hollister
Top: Macy's
Pants: Delia's 
Necklace: Kohl's
Hat: Forever 21

Have a lovely day and stay fabulous!! 



  1. Your hair looks lovely! Also that necklace is killer

    Sylvia | The Outfit Lab

  2. Cute outfit...love everything you're wearing. And I have to give you props for that Burberry nail! I LOVE Burberry. It looks fabulous on you :)

    xo Azu


  3. That colour really suits you :) I LOVE those boots as well!

    Natalie xo

    Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  4. Wow it looks so nice, such a perfect colour for Autumn as well! Abi :)

  5. So cool ! Amazing look and complements .
    Would you like to follow each other?


  6. here's to a new change! hope the rest of year is kind to you. you look beautiful!

  7. Love that fedora! Great post! x


  8. I am obsessed with your burberry nails! I totally know what you mean about change, also. I always get that way with my hair ;) ha!


  9. Looks great! I also love the extra shots you took. The trees look so lovely.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  10. Your nails look so pretty! I'm jealous of the color of your eyes. ^_^
    I hope you can come check out my new blog and give me some advice :)

  11. Look look gorgeous!! I love your hat :)


    Chione XX

  12. love the necklace!! I have nominated you for the one lovely blog award :) you can find the details here http://caseysclosetuk.blogspot.co.uk/ xxx