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Perhaps you've noticed this, perhaps you haven't, but I haven't been posting too frequently this month. My hope was to maintain the level of activity of last month, but alas, October is coming to a close and I have fallen short.

This did not occur for laziness or procrastination (despite having implied that in this post). As we all know, the academic year rolled around not too long ago, which has affected many of us bloggers and our schedules. School can be a lot of work; especially if you're a) pursuing a career in the medical field, b) considering it, or c) just trying to do the absolute best you can in any field of study. It can be very time consuming... and stressful.

On top of my studies, I've been on a health kick/intense pre-ski season workout regime. (More posts about that to come!) Unfortunately because of primarily these two reasons, blogging has gotten the short end of the stick. Now I really have to treat it as a hobby, or a "when I can scrounge up time" type of thing. *boo :(*

For a while, blogging was my preferred way to de-stress, so I'd make time for it. However, now that I've been exercising more, which requires me to be outside a lot, I've been favoring that as my way to relax. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every minute of blogging, but there's just something about nature and being disconnected from technology and social media that's sooo refreshing. Experiencing it first hand by spending free time outside, I can say that nature is honestly the best therapy. 

"The mountains are calling and I must go."
~John Muir

My best friend has been feeling the same way as myself in the fact that we really needed a chance to take a step back from work and re-energize in order to keep moving forward. Spontaneously on a Friday afternoon, we decided that would be as good of time as any to pack up and go somewhat off the grid for the weekend. We went on a really long drive to get to her winter home and just chilled. We hiked, explored, unwound, and just enjoyed nature at its finest.

Typically my posts are fashion and beauty related; however, this one is completely lifestyle. No outfits. No makeup. Just pictures of Mother Nature. She's the focal point of this post. Plus, I only sported athletic gear and a bare face that weekend, so that's not necessarily a "must see" haha

Have a lovely day and relax!! 



  1. This looks beautiful! Fall is the best time of year for looking at scenery!

  2. Lovely photos, where was it it's beautiful! Abi :)

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  4. Those pictures are beautiful, I love the mountains during the fall, where is this located may I ask?


  5. These photos are breath taking. It reminds me of West Virginia. Where are these mountains?

    And don't apologize for being on your blog less. Your studies are very important. Blog when you can and want to, but focus on your studies as much as you can. School goes by so quickly :)


  6. Your blog is quite amazing dear!
    Beautiful pictures and great design! Love it!
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    I started following you, waiting for you to follow back ;)
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  7. Why shouldn't your athletic gear be interesting? Many people worry either about their look when working out or the functionality of their gear. At least the latter could be a good start for a post. Just a little thought :) But the pictures are indeed stunning, love the post!

    1. You have a good point! I'm glad you commented this because it encouraged me to write about athletic gear, and now I have! :)

  8. Absolutely love these photos, all these places look so beautiful and calm! Perfect places to unwind from academic stress. Hope your studies are going well x

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

  9. Gorgeous pics! Love the one of the web.
    I am following you back :)


  10. Dear Moll, I was glad to learn more about you through this post. I think your choice of putting school first is very wise, and sport is very important too. Nobody is taking away your blog nor your readers who appreciate you!
    Coco et La vie en rose by Valeria Arizzi

  11. I can totally relate to your feeling... It's so hard to find time to blog sometimes, with all other things going on in your life, no matter how much you love blogging... I love this blogpost, and it was seriously a genious idea to go there. This place looks just perfect, so beautiful!


  12. I couldnt agree with u more!!blogging needs lots of time and sometimes that's the difficult part!!

    Great photos :))


  13. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like a stunning place. I completely agree with you on taking a break from social media and spending time outside. There's no better way to clear your head :) x

    Under Blue Lights

  14. Lovely Pictures! What a view!
    Thank you so much for your follow on Bloglovin!
    I followed you back!
    I love your content! Keep it up!
    Good luck!
    Samantha @ livinonbrightside.blogspot.com