Spring Has Sprung

Generally I try to accumulate more than five pieces before sharing them in a post in order to classify it as a haul; however I'm too head over heels in love with my purchases from Saturday. This post is out of pure eagerness to share the beauty of what I bought. :)

As I keep expressing over and over again (especially on twitter and instagram) spring weather cannot come soon enough. Though it's technically spring, the future blooms are still covered by two feet of snow. I'm going stir crazy, people! All I want to do is spend time outside, garden, and enjoying spring attire. *praying for the temperature to stay above 40* It's safe to say I've jumped the gun buying these shoes, but at least everything else I can sport now. Gosh, the amount I want to toss the dark bulky layers aside for those that are light and airy is unreal.

What I love about all of these purchases is how light and pale they are; it's definitely a much needed change from winter.

The use of silver and gold on the shoes adds a sophisticated touch to them. At the moment I'm all about the solid colored shoes and metallic detail. This also carries through to accessories. Rather than getting a metal watch, like I usually would, I opted for a faux white leather strap one with gold. Nice and simple. My favorite part of this watch is the pale pink chevron pattern in the actual case. It's a pretty and delicate addition to an otherwise classic and plain watch.

These jeans were purchased from necessity because I don't have many light washes. Plus, I wanted to try out Juicy Couture jeans. These jeans are so incredibly soft and fit my shape very well. Juicy Couture jeans have definitely made a permanent addition to brands I buy jeans from. Honestly, I am just so excited to start wearing these to the point that I've already started planning different outfits out!

So perhaps spring hasn't actually sprung yet, but I'm definitely ready for when it does!

What have you purchased in preparation for spring?



  1. That flats are so cute !


  2. I love all the things you purchased - especially the shoes!

    Hannah xx

  3. I love those white shoes! So cute :)

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  4. I love love love the flats!! They are so pretty.

    Emma xx

  5. Great haul! Super great choices :) love the heels and the watch I cannot wait for the warm weather to arrive so that I can go out without covering my legs!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  6. LOVE both pairs of shoes!!! Sometime next week I plan to do a post of the stuff I have bought in the past two weeks. I'm just waiting for the last few items to get here (I do a lot of online shopping).


  7. gorgeous shoes!!

    x Maria
    New outfit post up on my blog
    featuring MY NEW LACE DRESS
    Let me know what you think about it :)

  8. Those jeans are FANTASTIC! The prettiest color blue!

  9. Those shoes are so cute, definitely perfect for the Spring! I completely agree with you I can't wait for coat weather to finally be over, coats hide so many cute outfits haha! x

    Toni x

  10. Both shoes are adorbz! And look so wearable

  11. I am such a sucker for chevron, love the watch! Target... gah that place speaks to my soul lol.

  12. These are all gorgeous:-) both pairs of shoes are absolutely amazing!
    Danni xx

  13. i really love the flats! they look gorgeous! and the watch ist pretty cute! nice spring stuff!
    greetings from germany! :)

  14. I love the heels, they are so classy and timeless.
    Thank you for following my blog, I followed you back :) XX

  15. love the shoes and the watch - effortless for spring! Love x

    S x


  16. Your blog is so lovely! <3
    love the flats and the watch!
    I'm following you!