YouTube ♥ 7 Things I Love

My first YouTube video is officially live! This is a very exciting, yet a nerve-wrecking notion. As this is uncharted territory, there's naturally some anxieties and hesitancies that come with it. Will people respond well to my content? Is my video as good as it's going to get? Why am I acting so stiff on camera? Will people find my voice as obnoxious as I do? Am I even doing this right? Even so I've somehow been able to push those thoughts aside enough to post it, which I'm somewhat proud of myself for. I was able to overcome an anxiety. What helped me to get past these feelings was to remember that the courage to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and not let fear be the factor that holds us back allows for growth. I may be someone who is always careful to look before she steps, but sometimes you have to be willing to take a blind step in order to move forward to explore the unknown.  


Seeing as I'm not a fan of my voice recorded, I kept talking to a minimum meaning this isn't your typical "Introductory Video." Rather than flat out tell you about myself- my interests, what I do in my spare time, etc- I wanted to show you. This way you'll see some of the things I love and get to know my personality a bit, as well. As I said, a lot of thought was put into the creation of my channel to the point that I started planning in February. Due to that I started filming a while ago, so some clips feature snow and some are green and lush!

This is all new and I'm still learning, so please be kind with your comments and feedback. Thank you! :)



  1. This is so cute Molly!! love loved it :)

  2. So adorable! Really looking forward to seeing more videos from you! xx

  3. You're sooo pretty and I loved the video! Leah xx