Love/Hate Tag

The other day I was tagged to list 10 things I love and hate by the lovely Natalie Ann from Petal Poppet Blogs. Since I haven't done a tag in a while I figured why not. This tag is very open-ended, so you'll get to know me in a different way beyond the standard beauty tags and such. Plus, I get to rant and rave and that's always fun!

List ten things you love/like and ten things you hate/dislike. Tag 10 people. Easy peasy!

10 Things I Love

Aimless Drives are a fave activity of mine whenever I'm stressed, upset, or in the mood to explore. There's just something about going into the unknown willingly, knowing you'll discover something interesting, that's very appealing and calming to me.

Blogging is kind of a given considering how long and how often I do it. This is most certainly a happy place of mine. I get to embrace myself wholly and not feel judging eyes or really care about being judged for that matter. Blogging is one thing that I started and will continue out of my own desire and not obligation. Though I have readers now, unlike the first few months, I continue this journey for myself. I don't mean this in a harsh way or anything because of course it is great putting smiles on your faces and knowing others enjoy what I have to offer; I definitely love making people happy; it's just this blog is very personal to me. Everyday I'm discovering and learning more about who I am, as well as meeting so many other wonderful and genuinely kind individuals. My blog and the blogosphere is a place where I can explore every corner of my creativity and potential, and feel content.

The Deustch/German Language is something I've been trying to learn and so far it's been a great experience. One day I'd love to live in Germany and visit the surrounding countries, even if it's just for a semester or year studying abroad during uni. Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut aber ich lerne!

Indie Folk/Rock/Pop Music (basically anything Indie) is the genre I gravitate towards. Some of my favorite artists are The Paper Kites, The Lumineers, Sleeping At Last, Woodlock, Lorde, Twenty One Pilots, Zella Day, and The Neighbourhood. Jeez, I could go on for ages about my favorite artists. They're all so amazing!

Marble is so pretty, and clean, and chic, and ugh I just love it.

Nature is something everyone should love. We only have one beautiful and truly fascinating Earth, so it should be handled with care. With my love of nature comes a lot of respect and admiration. There's so much Mother Nature has to offer us if we are conscious of how we treat her. From the healing properties of certain herbs and roots to simply the happiness elicited when noticing how everything is slightly greener and brighter after a rainstorm, the Earth is our helping home in every sense; both physically and mentally. And that's why I love nature. Plus, the photo opportunities are infinite. (Fun fact: I love nature/wildlife photography. Future post?)

Organizing is something I've learned to love a lot more recently. Maybe it's me in my old age or the accomplishment felt when everything is put back in its home that's made me enjoy the action of organizing and not just the final result. It's a very peaceful time for me whenever I tidy or try out new methods. It's totally not weird...

Real Estate Sites have been something I've loved since about age 11. If I used the internet for free time before that I probably would've loved them when I was even younger. I grew up watching and was obsessed with HGTV shows, like House Hunters, so my interest in real estate started from a young age. Plus, my love for interior design then (and now) just enhanced that. For a while I actually toyed with becoming a realtor, but I've since moved on to pursue a career in marketing. Real estate sites are the closest thing I'm going to get to feeling like a realtor and I'm good with that. It's fun to just browse. In a way these sites are kind of like online shopping but for houses, and it's a truth universally acknowledged that I love to shop. (< bonus love!) I also just like staying up-to-date on the market and envisioning my perfect home.

Upcycling is a new hobby I'm trying out. I've been able to learn a lot of new skills, as well as put some old ones back into practice because of it. I love every aspect of it; from antiquing, designing, and building. I always enjoy doing little crafty DIYs, so it makes sense that this is up my alley, too.

Yellow is my favorite color. It is a bright and happy color, and I like anything that evokes happiness.

For seven more things I love, check out my first YouTube video!

10 Things I Hate

Alarm Clocks are the bane of existence. Just no.

Convenience Friends have been popping in and out of my life for as long as I can remember. You know the type. The "friends" who are only around when it's easiest and convenient for them, or they are getting something out of it (other than the unconditional friendship you're offering). I've found it best to just cut them off completely. No point in doubting your worth and breaking your back over them. It's just too much negativity.

Dishonesty is a no brainer thing to hate. Pretty sure everyone does; though people still fall into habits of lying, cheating, and basically being hypocrites. Anything but the truth is honestly unnecessary and it would save people a whole lot of time and aggravation avoiding it completely. *This is a dishonesty free zone.*

Hating, yes hating. Despite what you may be thinking I don't truly hate anything. I prefer to strongly dislike things. Even that is too much negativity and a waste of energy that I could be channeling towards something else. Ya know what I mean? 

HTML is a love/hate thing. It's a great feeling achieving what you've envisioned and actually doing something right, but it can be a pain getting to that point. And though I worked for about a year with C syntax for programming robots, I'm still no computer scientist and HTML frustrates me at times. It's all in the little things. Seriously, forget one end tag or miss a quotation mark and you're screwed.

Ignorance- really only ignorant people who refuse to widen their perspective and consider other viewpoints. I got no time, man. Nope.

Initiating Phone Calls has always been a struggle for me because I'm working on not being so shy, as well as getting past social anxiety. Plus, I'm just reallll awkward at times. It's uncomfortable, but I manage.

Mosquitoes are the spawn of Satan. Simple as that.

Overplaying Songs on the radio can completely ruin them for me! Don't radio hosts and DJs get sick of them? They must, so they ought to know that listeners do, too. Mix it up! It's ok not to play a song 7+ times in one day, just saying.

Writer's Block thankfully isn't something I'm faced with too often *knocks on wood vigorously,* but when I do experience, oh boy do I. I end up getting into a funk because of it. It's annoying.

I tag anyone who reads this! Leave me a link if you complete it! :)



  1. Great post! Thanks for answering :)

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  2. I love blogging too, my blog is the place where I can express my self and my creativity wholly!
    Alarm clock are terrible, I mainly dislike them in winter!

  3. so nice post!
    I agree!

  4. I like what you love and hate. It's nice to know more about you ^__^

    Linxnee-Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

  5. writer's block can be a b*tch indeed :p

    i cant to write my post about this too :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. Nice post and answers :)


  7. Such a great post! Realestate sites are my favourite too! Ahh girl, you and I have so much in common hehe, I'm an interior design enthusiast too and organising has become a thing for me now haha xx

  8. I love Deutsch and Real Estate Sites too! I studied German when I was in school for two years but I'm still learning through a few German exchange student friends I made when I was in high school.

    Monika |

  9. Wow I am the exact same way with organizing and alarm clocks! Such a great quality post!

  10. Great post - can relate to many of the hates and loves, too.
    - I now follow you on GFC.

    Hugs <3

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  12. Ooo interesting tag! ^^
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  13. Such a fun tag! Would do this too! I hate HTML too.. why can't it be so much easier?

  14. Such nice post. About German language I understand you. I am learning Finnish and it is something I really like, enjoy, cant explain.About HTML, that drives me crazy. Everyone have beautiful blogs with nice templates and I am still blogger design. I spend hours and hours and always end on same. Following you back and thank you :)

  15. Nice post ;) I could learn some new words :) I like your blog :) Just foolowed

  16. Such a different kind of post, love it!

    Beka. xo

  17. Great post. Now I´m following you too