Going Home

It's been nearly a month since I've been in a completely familiar territory. At last, I have the opportunity to return home in a few short days. Though in the grand scheme of life, I haven't been away for that long, it still feels like it's been forever. The excitement of uni wears away day by day into the typical doldrum school routine. As it does I can feel myself getting fatigued. It's constantly go-go-go. In the beginning I could keep up, but now I really need a chance to catch my breath. That's why this quick pitstop is so vital. I need to step away to recharge my batteries (especially before a few big presentations and exams I have in the next two weeks... wish me luck!). Aside from finishing up and submitting a few online assignments and quizzes, this weekend is all about pampering myself.

Here's what my pamper weekend will include:

Catching up on blogging & YouTube

It's been nearly a month since I've done anything blog or Youtube related due to school. This saddens me very much. One of my least favorite things is being this inactive. I really miss being a content creator! I absolutely love doing everything like this. That aside, I know the first month of the school year is always the most pivotal, so I needed to dedicate this time to that. My goal this weekend is to get the next month's, or so, posts scheduled, so there's some consistency on here. I have several clips needing to be edited, posts in my drafts almost completed, and plenty of ideas ready to be brought to life, so I'm hoping this downtime will be very productive. Ugh I can't wait to do this for a solid day or two. <333 

Gotta stay inspired, and one of the best ways to do so is by reading. Anything. Everything... except my boring business and computer science books. 

Lush Bath(s)

A favorite de-stresser of mine, like many others', is to take a nice long bath. Naturally Lush is the go-to for soothing bath products. Being away at uni and living in a hall means I don't have a bathtub available ever. I'm so ready to have the opportunity again. All I want to do is light a few autumnal scented candles, listen to some Adele, and simply relax and clear the ole noggin. Doesn't that sound delightful?

A common theme with my life at uni is that I don't have much time to invest in hobbies and things I enjoy doing during free time. That being said, the whole nail department has been lacking lately. Since fall is right around the corner (yas!!), I think I'm going to do my Burberry nail design.
how-to nail post

Movie Night
Once again, time, specifically the lack of it, is a huge factor in what I do at school. Between assignment after assignment I've had no time to watch any films or even Netflix (gasp!). Right when I get home I'm going to plop down on the couch with my mum and pop in "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and/or "Love Actually." Chick flick night!!

Shopping Spree
Some would consider me a shopaholic, some wouldn't I suppose. All I know is that shopping is something I really enjoy, so there will be some time allotted to that. I mean who doesn't like shopping?

Anyway, that's it for this post. I really should be doing homework right now, but I'm letting blogging take the priority for this one night because I've missed it that much... I'm a good student I swear. c:

How are you spending your weekend?


**Please excuse the weird formatting. I have no idea what happened between arranging and posting this.**

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  1. I hope you enjoy your pamper weekend!
    Nice post :)x


  2. Nice Post :)
    Blogging and making videos is so time consuming, nevertheless I love it <3

    Best regardes Kim,

  3. No pamper weekend is completed without a lush bath!! Definitely planning on one this weekend

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  4. welcome back! Hope you get back into your blog mojo soon :D

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. Lovely post, Molly! It looks like our pamper weekends are fairly similar. I couldn't have a pamper evening without a Lush bathbomb or doing my nails. Looking forward to your next post! xx


  6. I always relax with a good chick flick movie! lol
    I'l probably waste my time on Netflix on the weekend... As usual haha


  7. welcome back dear, btw you have such a fantastic blog
    Happy Monday.