Must Have Winter Coats

It is cooling down more and more as the days go by meaning now is the time to invest in solid outerwear. If you're like me, you have a few classic winter coats only meant to keep you warm- nothing too spectacular. A focus of mine this season is to not only amp up my coat game, but also to keep it fashionable. Winter doesn't have to be a time for bulk; it can be a time for beauty, as well. The coats above would add just that to any closet.

The Classic Trench Coat
This is the type of coat that never goes out of style. Once it's in your wardrobe it'll have a spot there for years. The trench is a staple; it's a classic. I'd even go as far as to say that everyone needs one! They can be light weight; thus good for in-between weather; but they can also keep you plenty warm and dry if needed by layering up underneath. You'll find this coat to be incredibly easy to style due to it being a classic. Plus, you can find trenches everywhere now with plenty of style inspirations in store and online.

The Faux Fur Coat
Faux fur has been one of my fave trends this season, so naturally I want it in the form of a coat. Luckily this is very popular this year and, again, something that can be found at all sorts of stores. It adds just the right amount of texture, depth, and warm to wintery outfits. Gotta love how lush and cozy it is!

The Parka
I already own a parka, so I can attest first hand to the fact that having one is a necessity. Parkas are casual and comfy. They are definitely good for those crisp days. Not only are they practical, but they are fashionable as well, given outfits that cool look. These, too, can be found at most retailers.

The Cape
Capes have taken the fashion world by storm this past year. More and more they're popping up. And I understand why! With the wool and fur combo, capes make for a very elegant addition to outfits. They can even be an alternative to the classic peacoat. Can you just imagine walking up to a holiday party wearing a swanky sparkly dress, adorn with a cape, as music gently plays in the background and snow softly falls?

The Leather Jacket
If you appreciate chic and edgy looks, this jacket is definitely for you. Leather jackets are nice all year around, but with a bit of plush fur on the inside, they are that much more wonderful for winter. With leather, you have the ability to dress it up or down with a variety of other styles. Make it your own!

Have you had your eye on any coats this season?



  1. I love my parka =] very comfy and cosy

  2. Great Selection! i love the second one :)

    Happy Sunday, kisses