Christmas Sweater Wishlist


More than anything I want to be cozied up in one of these sweaters under about 15 blankets watching Netflix in bed with a few of my winter-y candles burning, but alas, I can't right now. Rather than enjoy my time how I'd ideally like to, I'm stuck at school studying for final exams, writing papers, and putting together presentations. I suppose I shouldn't complain though because I'm happy to be going forth to pursue a higher education, but it's hard to be when feeling really worn and mentally exhausted. Plus, people drama. It's just really bogging me down to be quite honest. 

On this blog I tend to not really discuss my spurts of anxiety and depression for various reasons, but when it comes to writing daily, let's face it, it was bound to come out; especially since lately it's been a daily struggle. I never really expected to share those intimate details in a post about Christmas sweaters, but ya know, it is what it is. My quest to find tacky sweaters was actually an effort to cheer myself up/get my mind off of things. And why not make something so random into a post, right?? Plus, it has prompted me to blog, and add blogging to the mix and that improves just about anything.

Anyway, apologies for having had yesterday and today's posts up a bit later than usual, as well. Finals are this week and next, so life has been a bit crazy lately in preparation for hell the end of the semester. Also, I've been working. Fun adult things had to take priority for the time being, so sorry I got off schedule slightly! Also, sorry for the word vomit that is this post. Sometimes it's just better to let it all out. :)

Which sweater is your favorite?



  1. I think that the third Christmas jumper is the best! :p
    Nice post :)xx

  2. "Merry Christmas ya filthy animal"... hahaha love it! Good luck with exams girl, you've got this, and you'll be so proud of yourself once you've completed them :-)

  3. hii ! thanks for visiting ;)
    following you back now !

    xx stella

  4. I love these jumpers! I really need to get a new one! Hope your finals go well! X