Starting The Week Off Right

With the least alluring day of the week coming around again tomorrow, sometimes we all need a bit of help in tackling it and the week ahead. This week in particular may not be as much of a struggle compared to some because of Christmas on Friday (!!!), but that sense of excitement isn't something we can rely on every week! Besides, for all I know the mad rush of the holiday season may be getting to you and weighing you down a bit. Either way, there are ways in which we all can start our weeks off right, Christmas or no Christmas.

To-do Lists
In order to accomplish anything we must first identify what it is that even needs to be done. So compile your goals into a clear and concise list. Keep your list handy throughout the week to help you stay on track. Know that when you follow through with whatever you set for yourself, you’ll be thankful for that later.

Now is the time to break out the ol’ planner and glittery gel pen! Once your goals are identified, allot time to accomplish them. Come up with a course of action pinpointing the steps needed for success. 

Not only should you organize a general schedule for the week, but also your external and internal environments. Regarding external, organize your room, desk area, outfits for the week, etc. Internally, work towards organizing your thoughts in a way that will lead you to having a positive mindset. 

Clean your makeup brushes. Clean your clothes. Clean your space. Any sort of cleaning will give you that feeling of freshness and productivity. There’s nothing better than feeling that way going into a new week.

Every week, every day, every minute, and every second are opportunities to restart and make a change for the better. So make it a great week, or not, the choice is yours. Your life is in your hands.

What do you do to start your week off right?



  1. Nice post, have a good day

  2. Needed this! Need to organize and get some serious blogging done before Christmas! Have a Happy Holiday :)

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  4. This is a great post, I'm going to have to start doing a to-do list at the beginning of the week, would help me feel so much more organised!

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  6. Great list! I really need to do some cleaning up before Christmas arrives x

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  7. it's so true how cleaning can help your mindset! Just need a fresh start sometimes :) xx

  8. Gorgeous blogpost, useful tips! :)

  9. This is such a good post & I couldn't agree more :) Those are all things I like to do to start the week too x

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