The Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette

Soooo it’s been well over 2 months since I’ve reviewed any products… oops. During this time, I have tried many new items; one of them being the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette. Typically for reviews I share my thoughts on products in paragraph form; however I’m trying something different today by doing so in bullets. Frankly, I prefer reading bullets because they’re clear and to the point. But that’s just my personal preference. Hopefully you like this new format, too!

-The shadows included are gorgeous subtle colors similar to those of the Naked 3 palette.
-Shimmery and matte shadows are included.
-The placement of the shadows is well thought out:
   Quads: (2:2)
     1. Color entire eye area 
     2. Shade lid 
     3. Contour crease 
     4. Line around eye 
   Trios: (horizontal)
     1. Color entire eye area 
     2. Shade lid 
     3. Contour crease 
   Duos: (vertical or horizontal)
     1. Shade lid 
     2. Contour crease
-Decent quality shadows given the price of $9.99
-Shadows last long on the eyes with minimal to no fallout.
-Pigmented after a few layers.

-It takes a few layers to become pigmented.
-The slight chalkiness of the shadows initially makes for an uneven application.

Over all, I give this palette 3.5/5 stars. I love the idea of an all ‘blushed nudes’ palette; however I don't foresee myself repurchasing this particular one in the future. Given the chalky texture I’d rather try a different drugstore palette next time I’m browsing. Until I use up these shadows, though, I will enjoy playing around with various combinations and will no doubt get some beautiful eye looks out of it. Check out my latest video for a soft look created with this palette.

Have you tried the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette?



  1. These are pretty!

    -Eva M.

  2. I tried the In The Nudes palette by Maybelline and I didn't like it very much but the shades of palette are gorgeous!
    Nice post :)xx

  3. Such a gorgeous range of shades, although what a shame about the chalky formula! Other than that I love the way they're placed in the palette as this is a quick way to put together an eyeshadow look! xo

  4. I really like the shades.

  5. I want so much that paleta:) Love maybelline:)

  6. Lovely post, gorgeous pallete <3

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  7. I totally agree about the chalkiness of the eyeshadows but it's fun to play around with different looks and I love the dark green shade.

    The Modern Audrey

  8. I did a post about this eye shadow pallet too! I purchased all of the pallets and I really like them.

  9. Haven't tried this... yet! But I am going to have to pick this up as it looks like a really nice pallet!

    Meme xx

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  10. Oh I really like the different shades here! I like to stick to a subtler, nude palette during the day for work so this is a brilliant review - I may have to indulge myself sometime soon! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments too. - Tasha

  11. I haven't tried this palette and don't really feel the need to do so as I have the Naked 3 palette with very similar shades. Of course if I ever run out of it, this is a lot more affordable option! :)
    Thanks for the lovely read!
    Emma xxx