Hello, friends! Long time, no see on many of my platforms. Lately I’ve been quite inactive on social media overall; especially on YouTube, and now unfortunately on my blog, as well. (So much for blogging everyday.)

  • I just wanted to formally say that I'm hitting "pause" on video making for the time being. I will resume uploading consistently every Thursday on YouTube once this semester wraps up and I have summer hours to work with. Get ready for loads of new content! As always, feel free to make requests on what you’d like to see. 

  • Either tomorrow or Thursday there will be a post up addressing my absence this past week and a half on my blog. If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll have an idea as to why I’ve been inactive; however there is so much more to it beyond those cryptic tweets here and there. If you enjoy being nosey and reading those v personal posts, stay tuned! 

Sorry for the brief post! I just really needed to put something out there. Hope you’re well!

Much love,



  1. take all the time you need! we all go through some phases where we need to prioritise!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. i just follow your blog.nice post and blog.
    continue the good work.

  3. My best wishes for you darling!

  4. very nice post!!!

  5. Love your post <3