Back on Pinterest + Best Parts

Not only am I back to blogging, but I'm back on Pinterest, as well! For the longest time I simply could not get into Pinterest. Me being me, people found that hard to believe considering I'm extremely active on apps like Instagram, tumblr, and am a generally creative person. Seemed like a great fit! And at last, finally I see that. I've learned to appreciate this resource these last few weeks, partly due to the much needed office inspiration, since I'm currently redoing mine. While I'm a bit of a newbie to the Pinterest world, there are several aspects of it I'm really enjoying so far:
  • Organization 
The concept of "boards" is a great one. Not only is it a clever continuation of the "pinning" theme, but it is a visually appealing, user-friendly way to organize the posts that spark interest.
  • Variety
Pinterest is a collection of cool content. You can find posts discussing anything from how to water a succulent, motivation, craft DIYs, and even construction ones! There is certainly something for everyone on this site.
  • Aesthetics
Part of why I love the particular sites and apps I do is for the pictures, I must say. I am a very visual person, so I always appreciate a good aesthetic. On Pinterest I can find loads of photos that matches my own personal style, too, which is a plus! What isn't to love about that?
  • Inspiration
And of course, the inspiration that can be had on Pinterest is one of its best qualities. The style of this site is to exercise that side of the mind in a very creative community. While it is a site that easily sucks up time due to its addictiveness, there is never a dull moment or lack of stimulation. Pinterest is a great place to get any gears going!  

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What are some of your favorite parts of Pinterest?



  1. I love Pinterest so much! I know I can rely on it when I'm lacking inspiration, or if I need a pick-me-up quote xx

    My Pinterest link:
    My blog:

  2. I love Pinterest, I love searching for outfit inspiration and also general photography :)

  3. It was hard for me to get into pinterest too! I think for me it's because I see a lot of irrelevant information. But you really have to tailor the boards you are following to help you see what you want to see. But it's perfect for finding recipes, DIYs, and especially interior decor!!

  4. I Love pinterest and instagram. They both inspire me so much :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. Pinterest is my favourite, although my projects never quite look the same as they do on the site... They still give me great inspiration though! <3

  6. Love your blog and I am a new follower on GFC.
    I hope that you will follow me too <3

  7. I love Pinterest for inspiration! Although sometimes there's just too much and I get overwhelmed haha! xx

    Effi |

  8. At the moment i am really into pinterest as i'm doing more craft projects - it is my go-to for inspiration! Especially for paper cutting, with silhouettes :)