Since being back at school, my blog has suffered quite a bit. I have seriously been lacking leisure time between classes, clubs, and work where I am able to actually sit down and create content I’m pleased with. That being said, I always feel antsy when I’m not allotting myself time to be imaginative, thoughtful, and creative. This has led me to feeling a bit down lately. In efforts to counteract that, I’m going to do more of what I love. And what I love is blogging! 

To get myself back into the swing of it all and to rank blogging higher on my list of priorities I will be participating in Blogtober! That means there will be a new post live on my blog every single day!! Might as well throw myself back into this all, right? 

As always I have so many ideas floating around in this brain of mine and I can’t wait to share them with you! And of course I would love to hear from you regarding what you'd like to read or see more of! So stay tuned for the usual posts, as well as hopefully some new and different ones. As decided in a few Twitter polls, I may have a few daily/weekly vlogs thrown in there this month for Vlogtober over on my channel; depending on whether or not I get up to anything remotely interesting. Regardless, get ready for rapid-fire posting!

Are you participating in Blogtober? What would you like to see on my blog this month?



  1. Will be excited to read more! I'm loving seeing so many people participate in Blogtober. Great post xo


  2. Not really finding the time to blog sucks, I hate the feeling of having a lot of ideas but not being able to realise them! Making time to do what you love is definitely important though & I'm glad you're giving Blogtober a go :) I hope you'll have lots of fun doing it, looking forward to your posts x


  3. I'm really excited you're going to blog every single day and I would love to read some post just about general thoughts of you about life and what really matters in life or food posts are great too haha :)

    Nina x