What's in My Office Bag & Essentials

Recently I got an internship in the realm of social media management and marketing. Being 19 years old, this is my first proper office-based job that happens to be in my field of study! *happy dances* Of course if you’re interested, I’ll happily share more details about it all in future posts, but for now I have the classic "what’s in my bag" bit I've been itching to share! 

With any new job; especially one you're extremely passionate about, there is a lot of excitement that comes along with it. Naturally most of that is due to the actual job itself, but for myself a portion of that excitement resides in the prep and purchases made for said position. From that eagerness I always manifest; I pulled out a bag bought a while back for this very scenario I’ve only dreamed of, filled it with my essentials, and off to work I went. And what I carry around any given in-office work day is what I’m sharing with you today! Another day I’ll share what’s in my on-the-go bag when covering events.

For my ideal work bag, I was looking for a spacious structured one with a shoulder strap option that wouldn't break the bank. While browsing online, H&M had a bag that fit the bill. At $39.99 it provided plenty of open space for folders, notebooks, planners, and a laptop. One design feature I appreciate greatly is the open concept with zipped pockets on either side. So far I’ve been to quite a few meetings and conferences, and having my essentials easily accessible through the open concept just makes finding what I need, when I need it a more fluid and stress-free process. And the zipped pockets are perfect for items that need to be tucked away, too! 

This purchase was partially due to how pretty this piece is, not gonna lie. While cute and delicate it is also quite practical for storing some of my important documents, like pitch ideas, resumes, business cards, etc. I highly recommend having an envelope like this if you're on the hunt for a job or internship for the purpose of storing cover letter, resumes, etc, as it looks extremely professional and shows organization, and in my case, style, as well! 

Laptop (not pictured) 
Working in the realm of media and the internet, my laptop is obviously very important and nearly never leaves my side. 

Being a full-time student, intern, blogger, and active member within my college community; life gets busy. So that’s why having my planner always handy is absolutely essential. This particular one is great because it has the full calendar month, pages to detail specific weeks/days, and to-do lists. As an obsessive list maker, this planner is utter perfection. 

Being the creative type and working in a fast-paced creative field, a notebook is certainly necessary. You never know when an idea is going to spring into your head that you'll want to jot down. Plus, they are very useful for meetings. 

Padfolio (not pictured) 
My university recently gifted me a zip-up padfolio, which I’ve been opting for over my notebook. It provides a professional looking way of writing down notes during meetings, while also keeping important information more secure by having the option to close information within. 

I don’t even need to explain the reasoning behind having my phone… 

To go along with my planner and notebook (and stationary habit), naturally I need an assortment of pens. Having multiple colors assigned to various categories makes my schedule (/crazy busy life) feel more manageable and organized.

Blazer from Dress Barn

What are some of your work essentials? Would you be interested in hearing more about my new job?



  1. I can't organize my day without my planner. Definitely an essential!


  2. These are all great choices, I need to be more organised.


  3. I love that envelope! I'm going to be searching for it next time I'm at Target. ♥


  4. congrats on your new job! :) I hope you learn lots and make the most of it!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. Congrats on your job!! That's so exciting to score an internship in something that benefits you career-wise. Please share more about your job! It would be very interesting to read about. One of my work essentials is definitely having an abundance of multi colored pens. I find that writing in a variety of colors helps me remember things better.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  6. My bag is always full of so many pens! I always keep a notebook on me too.

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