10 Favorite YouTubers | 2016

A few months ago a habit of mine changed. When opening up a fresh web browser for fun or for content creation, rather than step into the blogosphere, I immediately click through to the realm of YouTube instead. For the last three years, blogging has been my love; my focus for so so long. It’s strange to recognize a shift away from that. While I’m still so passionate about blogging, there is this excitement and eagerness towards YouTube that increasingly bubbles. Apart of that is due to the great content readily available. Some of my favorite creators at the moment include: 

Hello October 

“Suzie. Brighton, UK - Subscribe for luxury beauty and personal style videos with a hint of travel and general life vlogs thrown in!” 


“Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel, where I will be posting all things beauty, nail art, and general lifestyle related! Feel free to subscribe (its free!)” 


The vlog channel of PointlessBlog’s Alfie Deyes. Who doesn’t love a good vlog… daily!


No description needed really... 

Sprinkle of Glitter/Chatter 

“Aloha! I love beauty, babies (particularly mine) and shopping. Come on in, the water's fine!”
Loving Louise’s new style of content, and of course the solid vlog here and there. Gotta love them vlog vids!! 

Philip DeFranco 

“A 7 day a week, daily show where I talk about the news and pop culture that matters to me and should matter to you.”
Phil does an impeccable jobs at making important topics engaging and interesting. Overall, his channel is very thought-provoking, which I value so much. 

I Covet Thee 

“I'm Alix, writer of icovetthee.com and self professed makeup and cosmetics obsessive. My blog and YouTube alike are an outlet for all things beauty and fashion related with a little bit of my everyday life thrown in for good measure!” 

Amy Schmittauer

Amy's channel covers everything from fashion to discussions about being a freelancer. A few weeks ago she spoke at a digital marketing conference in Boston, which was awesome apparently (I didn't get to go 😕). She is just a very cool and inspirational lady.

What Olivia Did 

“‘What Olivia Did’ grew into an outlet for everything from personal style, travel, food, music and beauty” 

Molly Mac (me) 

I’m just throwing myself onto this list because I can’t think of a 10th channel to include. I love that creating content for my channel has become a favorite thing of mine! I post about beauty, style, crafts, and lifestyle if you’re interested in following along!

Who is your favorite YouTuber at the moment?



  1. amazing post!! i love it

  2. I follow almost half of the people you do. But I have an important question: Are you doing Blogmas od 12 Days of Christmas this year?

  3. I've watched most of these people before and I love them! Definitely going to check out the ones I haven't watched before x


  4. Hello Molly,
    You gives me with that post great inspirience for looking at new YouTube I could follow. Thank you very much. I really have to follow more English speaken youtubers:)
    Live, Lea

  5. You have helped me find so many great Youtubers that I had never even heard of before! Awesome post! x

    - Caitlin